More about the AIRCast streaming platform

AIRCast is the ultra-low latency, live streaming platform built into OnAIR that powers all aspects of the OnAIR virtual experience, including:

  • Sessions and Breakout Rooms
  • Poster Presentations
  • One-to-One video meetings in Live Support, Meeting Hub and Exhibitions
  • Exhibitor Presentations
  • Networking Functions and Group Conversations
  • Live Host Broadcasts

AIRCast uses several streaming technologies and is fully managed within OnAIR. Once selected, the amount of time streamed to each viewer is billed to you at the end of each month’s service. Costs are very economical and you're billed for the LOWEST possible amount each month. Read more here.

AIRCast is an optional service and can be used in conjunction with existing technology such as YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom, and Brightcove.

Advantages of AIRCast

AIRCast offers several advantages to users of OnAIR compared to other streaming options:

  • Integrated in OnAIR – just select AIRCast in EventsAir’s Event Preferences page for your event. No external licenses are required, and once selected, AIRCast Studio is available for all OnAIR functionality (a YouTube or Vimeo account is still needed to house your recorded videos).
  • No Attendee Limitations – unlike Zoom, you can have as many participants as you require; AIRCast simply scales up as needed, and this applies to unlimited concurrent session as well.
  • Automatic Monthly Billing – once selected, you're ready to use OnAIR for all your virtual content. You're billed at the end of each month ONLY for actual use, based on viewed streams, with a detailed breakdown of costs per event.
  • No need for other streaming services – If you use AIRCast, you don't need to license other streaming platforms such as Zoom, Twilio, BrightCove or Vonage.
  • Redundant Streaming – All session content is streamed via two backup services. These backup streams are available to attendees in session who may have technical issues with the primary stream.
  • Auto Session Recording – All sessions are automatically recorded. 
Note that you still need to download your recordings with 2 days, and upload to a video storage service such as YouTube or Vimeo, as they're automatically deleted after 70 hours.

Enabling AIRCast in EventsAir

AIRCast is enabled in EventsAir on an event-by-event basis. In the Setup Panel, open Event Preferences. Under the Details tab, tick the box to enable AIRCast Live Streaming Platform.

You'll see the pop-up asking you to authorize and agree to enabling AIRCast. (You'll only be charged if you stream content or use AIRCast Studio. Costs are less than a dollar per attendee on average - see the cost document for more information.)

Once you agree, the service is enabled across all OnAIR features within your event. 

AIRCast options when creating sessions

AIRCast can be used in three different ways within your OnAIR sessions:

  • AIRCast Studio – this flexible and powerful presentation environment lets you coordinate, manage and stream content from your presenters, guests, and attendees directly to your virtual attendees. There are many features and capabilities to AIRCast Studio.
  • External RTMP Live Feed – this lets external venues or production companies stream their professionally mixed and produced content through AIRCast and directly into OnAIR. Read more here.
  • Zoom Meetings streamed through AIRCast – this option lets you use Zoom Meetings as the source of your presentation, and you stream your session from Zoom through AIRCast. You can use the least expensive Zoom Meetings license and don't need to obtain Zoom Webinar licenses that rise in cost with the number of participants.