White Papers and Briefings (OnAIR)

OnAIR Virtual Event Platform

Getting Started with the OnAIR Virtual Event Platform (December 12, 2022)

Creating Virtual Events with the OnAIR Portal (Updated August 19, 2022)

Managing Your OnAIR Virtual Program (December 9, 2022)

External Products you Need to Work with OnAIR (April 2023)

Browser Settings for OnAIR Virtual Events (December 9, 2022)

Live Support Common Questions and Responses (December 9, 2022)

Best Practices for Canceled and Postponed Events (May 17, 2023)

Live Streaming a Zoom Meetings Presentation via YouTube or Vimeo (September 12, 2023)

Image Style Options for the OnAIR Portal (December 9, 2022)

Exhibitor and Sponsor Promotion in OnAIR (and EventsAir) (September 6, 2023)

AIRCast Studio

AIRCast Costs - How are they calculated (March 14, 2023)

Using AIRCast Studio in OnAIR (December 13, 2022)

OnAIR and AIRCast Studio Production Checklist (December 13, 2022)

AIRCast Studio Recommended Hardware Requirements (see Technical Briefings section)

3D Mode

Using 3D Mode for Your OnAIR Virtual Events (December 11, 2022)

Technical Briefing - Custom Images for 3D Mode (December 9, 2022)

Exhibitor Handouts

These documents are briefings showing exhibitors how to access their stand, use the exhibition stand functionality during exhibition hours and how to create live stand presentations. The 3D Mode handout also reviews how to customize their 3D stand, if that functionality is enabled.

Managing Your Exhibition Stand in OnAIR - 2D (December 12, 2022)

Managing Your Exhibition Stand in OnAIR 3D Mode (December 12, 2022)

Technical Briefings

Technical briefings are short documents that address specific updates or changes to OnAIR technology.

Technical Briefing - AIRCast External RTMP Live Feed (March 14, 2023)

AIRCast Studio Recommended Hardware Requirements (September 6, 2023)

Technical Briefing - mac-OS Screen Sharing in AIRCast Studio (December 12, 2022)

Technical Briefing - Hybrid Ready Attendee App Functionality and Costing (December 9, 2022)