Create an Attendee App

This is a brief overview - for more detail, search the help system for more information about these topics.

The Attendee App is integrated with most functionality found in the OnAIR Virtual Event Portal, providing extensive connectivity between virtual and live attendees. This lets all attendees participate in key aspects of any event:

  • Privacy Settings/Selection of Shareable Contact Information
  • Meeting Hub Connections, including Video Calls, Voice Calls, Text, Messaging and Scheduled Meetings
  • Live Q&A
  • Live Polling
  • Discussion Forum
  • Live Support
  • Resource Gallery
  • Exhibitor Meetings
  • Exhibitor Live Presentations

Attendees can also see streamed session content from the Attendee App using their Android or Apple smart phones and tablets.

1. Create your Attendee App

From the Online Panel, choose Attendee App. You need to use a unique Event App Code - make sure it has NO spaces - set the App Live Dates and enable App PIN sign-in (rather than password sign-in).
Use the drag and drop Attendee App Builder to add components. You can easily customize the icons, splash screen, banner and background image to match your event branding.

2. Help Attendees find and install the App

Attendees should search for the EventsAir App (Google Play or Apple App Store) or use the HTML5 version. You’ll need to give them the Event App Code (under the Details tab in the App builder; also the location of the HTML5 link for Windows devices).

NOTE: The HTML5 version doesn’t support push notifications and barcode scanning, but all other functions are the same.

   For Apple and Android

Your attendees can search for and install The Event App by EventsAir onto their mobile device, then use the Event App Code you’ve given them. For convenience, they can add the app to their device’s home screen.

For Windows

Email your attendees the URL for the HTML5 Attendee App with a note to bookmark it for convenience. They can add it to their start menu if they wish.

3. Using the App

You can offer two different options for logging in. A password can be reset; a PIN can’t be reset, but you can resend it to the attendee.

PIN login: 

The easiest way for attendees to access the App is using their email address and a PIN. Each attendee is allocated an automatic PIN and this can be included in a Merge Doc by opening the Contact element, selecting Fields, and then "Insert Merge Field", and choosing the App PIN field. Alternatively, add this Merge Field in any HTML section in a Merge Doc.

Password login:

If you asked attendees to create an account during the online registration process, they can also log in with their account email and password.

 Sample Email texts:

Dear Conference Attendee [or use NAME field in a merge doc]:

Our conference is right around the corner, and the attendee app is now available to install onto your smart phone or tablet. This app contains a variety of useful information, include networking, agendas, exhibitor searches, messaging and notifications.

It’s easy to download and install by searching for EventsAir in your Android or Apple App Store. 

Then all you need to do is:

  1. Install The Event App by EventsAir.
  2. The first time you open the app, enter this event code: [your Event App code you used when creating the app]
  3. When your app opens, enter your email address and 6-digit App PIN: e.g. RV31YG [add this with App PIN merge field in a merge doc]
  4. Finally, you may wish to add the app to your home screen.

After that, you’re all set! You can search for other attendees, send messages, review the agenda, create a personalized agenda, research speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors. There are also listings for local restaurants and maps of the venue for your convenience. [Add whatever is appropriate here. You may wish to ask attendees to use their app to check in, and give instructions for doing so – see more information below.]

If you use Windows... 

If you’re using a Windows device, please go directly to the URL below, and log in with your email address and 6-digit PIN (supplied above):

Please let us know if you’re having any difficulty downloading or installing your Attendee App.

We hope you have a fantastic time at the conference!

[etc. - your normal sign-off]

ALTERNATIVELY, if you want to supply the specific links to your app, you could use this type of wording: 

It’s easy to download and install from wherever you'd normally get apps for your device. You can search for EventsAir, or use the appropriate link for your device from those below:

  • For iPhones and iPads (App Store):
  • For Android devices (Google Play Store):

The rest of the email will be much the same.

4. Use personalized links and login tokens

Auto Log-in Tokens

Auto Log-in Tokens are a way for you to send attendees a direct link to to log in to their Attendee App with their details already filled in. You would give attendees an auto log-in token in addition to the App Store links for Apple & Android devices (because they need to first install the app). You can put an Auto Log-in Token directly into an email as a merge field in Confirmation and Marketing merge docs.

Site Link

For HTML5 (Windows) users, you don't need two separate links to install/launch. You only need to send one Site Link and provide login details.

Using the Attendee App to check in

If you want to use QR codes to speed up check-in and badge collection at your event, let your attendees know in advance. For example, you can say something like “Please pre-install your Attendee App and have it open when you arrive at the check-in desk. Your unique QR code can be scanned at our check-in kiosks and your name badge will print out immediately.”  Be sure to add the Contact QR code module to the app.

Attendees can also use their app to check in quickly by scanning a check-in code or connecting to a Bluetooth beacon. Both of these options are covered in other articles. 

Asking attendees to check-in with their app is also a good way to encourage all attendees to install and use it during your event.


When amending or deleting an alert designed to appear in either an Attendee App or an Organizer App (or both), you're unable to edit or remove the alert within five minutes of the send time. [New alerts can still be created, as the queuing system handles them differently.]

If you try to make changes or delete an alert within 5 minutes of the alert being scheduled to send, this may appear to work, but doesn't have time to take effect.