Options for Check-In and Check-Out

Self check-in / check-out options

Self check-in and check-out options let conference delegates use the Attendee App to check themselves into the entire event, and in and out of sessions, functions and Agenda activities/breaks.

When these options are enabled, attendees open the Attendee App and select the Agenda item they'd like to check into (for example, a session). Depending on what's been set up for that session/function, they can check in by scanning a QR code, or their app will be auto-detected by a nearby beacon. 

Self check-in to the event can also be done via a Self Check-in Kiosk. Read more about setting up a Self Check-in Kiosk.

You can also use the Access Control tab when setting up a session or function to limit self check-in access, and create a message to send to those who aren't permitted into the session or function.

Other check-in options

Your onsite team can use the Organizer App / Access Control App to scan attendees' QR codes/bar codes (either on a badge or from their app) as they enter / leave. to the Access Control feature. This will check-in, or check-out, the attendee when they're scanned. 

If you enable check-in / check-out via EventStream, and also enable this feature when creating the session or function, attendees can mark themselves as checked-in or checked-out via this feature. 

Setting up Check-In and Check-Out (sessions & functions)

You'll find these options in the Details tab of each Agenda item (sessions and functions).  You can use different methods for check-in and check-out if needed:

  • Beacon - Enabling this option and setting up the required beacons allows for the attendee's presence (via their Attendee App) is automatically detected by the beacon when they're within range. If you're using beacons for both check-in and check-out, you need two different beacons. 
  • Beacon Major ID and Minor ID - These are the beacon identifier details (unique to each beacon). Read more about using beacons.
  • QR Code - If using this method, you'd display the QR code prominently near the entry and exit, so it can be scanned using the Attendee App.
  • Scan Via Access Control App/Organizer App - Check-in and check-out can be linked to Access Control to manage attendees accessing certain agenda items. This is not mandatory.