What's New in EventsAir 8.0

Fast Track Education Program

The Fast Track Education Program is our new learning environment that provides new and existing EventsAir users a comprehensive series of introductory and advanced learning experiences.

Stage 1 Getting Started with EventsAir introduces EventsAir and covers the fundamental topics, and provides a structured education experience that includes videos, exercises and quizzes.

At the end of Stage 1, all students are invited to take the Meeting Planner Certification exam which awards an EventsAir Meeting Planner Certification which is valid for two years.

Stage 2 is a growing library of Advanced Topics, and will provide instruction is all aspects of EventsAir, including Attendee Financials, Data Protection, Exhibitor/Sponsor Management, Abstract and Presenter Management and much more.

Stage 3 provides advanced certification, including the new EventsAir Trainer program. This program is designed for our clients who wish to have a certified EventsAir Trainer within their organization. The certification offers education and resources to support the internal onboarding of a new team member. We've also gone beyond technology and have included content like the importance of data quality, planning in relation to the use of technology and various security issues all highly relevant to the meetings industry.

Fast Track Education can be accessed by all EventsAir users simply by clicking on the Help Icon in EventsAir and selecting "Learn."

Sandbox and Certification Mode

EventsAir now includes Sandbox and Certification Modes that you can use as part of your education, certification and testing activities.

To access Sandbox or Certification Mode, from the Event Selection Panel, simply select the down arrow to the right of the EventsAir Logo (top left corner of the screen). When you click on this down arrow, you will be presented with three options:

- EventsAir

- Sandbox Mode

- Certification Mode

Sandbox  mode is used to test new functionality, build practice events and explore the different functionality of EventsAir without impacting your normal event operations or registration inventories. Sandbox Mode is also used when you are building events during your training in the EventsAir Fast Track Education Program.   All features of EventsAir are available in Sandbox mode in matter what your EventsAir licence is.

You know you are in Sandbox Mode when all labels are Gold and all events are indicated with the label "Sandbox Mode".

Certification Mode: This mode contains one read-only event and is used as part of your certification exam. The heading and labels will be in red.

Dietary Requirements Management

Dietary Requirement Management in EventsAir is a series of tools and portals that will assist you to collect dietary requirement requests from your attendees and provide those requirements to your caterers and venues.

You can define a library of dietary requirements and then indicate those that you wish to use within a specific event.  Your attendees can then choose from the default list or indicate a different dietary requirement if their dietary issue is not shown.

If your event allows for guest tickets (with creation of a new guest contact record), you can collect dietary requirements for each guest during online registration.

A new Dietary Requirements Portal provides real-time Dietary Requirements details to your caterers at the Event Level as well as for individual functions.

New reports can be found in the Contacts and Function areas of the Reporting Panel.

Registration Catering Counts

You are now able to designate whether a Registration should be included in catering counts for a specific day or range of days. 

Full Registrations might be included for all days of your event.

Single Day Registrations may be included for only the day that the registration type is set for.

Staff or Volunteer Registrations may be excluded from catering counts as you do not plan to provide catered meals for these attendees.

Catering counts are not enabled unless you assign one or more registration types to a single or range of dates.

Once enabled, Dietary Requirement Reports and data from the Dietary Requirements Portal will reflect dietary requirements for each day of your event.

There is also a new Registration Catering Statistics Report available in the Registration Reports area.

Additional Tools and Enhancements

Version 8.0 of EventsAir provides additional new functionality and enhancements not all of which can be presented in detail. The following items are also included in this release of EventsAir. You can find additional information in the online help system and by contacting your support team.

Session Inventory

You can set an inventory limit for all sessions. If applied, attendees will see a "Full" indicator when signing up for a session online, and will also be unavailable to select in the agenda module when in the Attendee Panel.

You can arrange and view your inventory limits from the Alerts panel just like the other modules such as Functions or Accommodation.

Allow Exhibitor Group Members to Access Leads and Meetings within the Attendee App

When you register exhibitor teams from within the Exhibitor Portal, they are now added to an Exhibitor Group. This setting, when checked, allows exhibitors that are part of an exhibitor group and logged into the Attendee App to access the meeting diary and the lead scanning options associated with the primary exhibitor in their group. 

Do Not Publish to My Agenda

Available for both sessions and functions, checking this option will hide the designated session or function from the "My Agenda" feature in the attendee app.

Enhancements to Meeting Matching

Several enhancements to Meeting Matching include a bulk cancelation email for meetings.

Table Numbers Shown in the Merge Doc

Assigned table numbers for functions are now included in Merge Docs.