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Why use an Attendee App?

You can create and build an Attendee App in just a few minutes, and use it to communicate directly with all attendees (or selected attendees), before, during, and even after your event.

Your Attendee App can also be tailored to only make certain components visible to speakers, exhibitors, and/or sponsors (or, you can create multiple apps).

The Attendee App also lets attendees communicate with each other, see their daily schedules and session information, connect with exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and more. You can even load in local information for them, such as restaurants and points of interest. 

Creating your Attendee App

Go to the Online Panel and, under Mobile Apps, select New, then Attendee App. 

  • Application Name - give a name to this specific app
  • Event App Code - the phrase or code used by your attendees when first opening the app from their iOS or Android device
  • Native App Brand - choose one of the following:
    • EventsAir - the default for Native App (Android and iOS devices), and HTML5 format
    • Custom Built App - select this ONLY if you've purchased a custom Attendee App from EventsAir
    • No Native App Required - select this ONLY if you are ONLY deploying an HTML5 app (infrequent).

Depending on your brand selection, you'll see URLs and QR codes for various versions (iOS and Android apps and HTML5).  You can share these with your attendees to help them find and install the Attendee App; OR just ask them to search for "EventsAir" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.)

- For HTML5, this is the ONLY way your attendees can install the Attendee App.
- For iOS and Android Apps, the URLs take your attendees to the appropriate App Store page on their device, where they'll see the Attendee App from EventsAir available to install. 

More configuration settings - Details Tab

  • Availability - dates when your app is visible to the world. If you need to take your app offline, set this to Closed.
Tip: the text you set for the following will override the values in the Localization tab.
  • Sign In Heading and Instructions - you can change the default heading and login instructions here (defaults to "Sign In" and "Please enter your email address and password")
  • Account Email Label - you can change the default label (defaults to "Email")
  • Password Label - you can change the default password label (defaults to "Password")
  • Sign In Button - you can change the default Sign In button text (defaults to "Sign In")
  • Allow attendee to sign in with email and App PIN - allows attendees to sign in using their email address and an automatically generated App PIN
  • Allow Exhibitor Group Members to Access Leads and Meetings - lets exhibitors in a particular exhibitor group access their primary exhibitor's meeting diary and lead scanning options 
  • Reset Password Button Label - you can change the default label text here.

Details - App Data Refresh Settings

App Data Refresh Preference - you can set the app to refresh either manually, or automatically between specified dates. A data refresh will update the cached data held inside each component, such as Attendee lists, or Agenda items. 

  • We recommend that when building your app, you leave this set to Manual, so that as you make changes and save them to the app, these are immediately available. 
  • We recommend setting data refresh to Automatic for the period covered by your event dates, so changes are updated even if you don't have time to manually save them. The app contents will be automatically updated every 30, 60, or 90 minutes (according to what you set for the Refresh Interval in minutes. Of course you can adjust these settings as needed.

Details - Analytics & Date and time format

  • Analytics View - if you're integrating Google Analytics with your native iOS and Android Apps, you can assign this specific App to be tracked individually.
  • Date Format and Time Format - control how date and time values are displayed in the app

Details - Messages Tab

  • App is not yet open - Heading and Message - shown if someone tries to open the app before it's available
  • App is closed - Heading and Message - shown if someone tries to open the app after the Availability end date

Details - Style Tab

Here's where you can control the look and feel of the Attendee App. You can use Themes to create your Attendee App designs, including unique navigation, icons, colors, and other design elements. All themes can be customized once applied, and can be changed and published instantly to your attendees.

When you click on a theme, you can see a preview. 

Standard themes include: 

  • Classic - The look and feel of the original EventsAir Attendee App. 
  • Ribbon - Adds a different style of headers. 
  • Vertical - A list format with a swipe to the right to view details about different options. 
  • Mosaic - A grid format with an up/down swipe for navigation. 
  • Custom - Start with any other theme, then switch to Custom to see all style settings, and customize further. 

Once you've selected a theme, you can also add Theme Settings. These include:

  • Colors (background color, primary color, and others) 
  • Fonts - hundreds of Google fonts are accessible in the app designer 
  • Navigation Options
  • Button Style
  • Ribbon Shapes 

In Icon and Splash Settings, you can modify:

  • App Icons
  • Splash Image
  • Background Colors
  • Header Images and
  • Position Background Image

Where possible, image dimensions are displayed on the screen so you can properly size your images and artwork.

In Advanced Settings, you can import a Bootstrap Style Sheet (CSS) to create your own unique style for your Attendee App. Note that you should .exercise caution when doing this as you can inadvertently cause problems with other app elements, especially when features are changed or upgraded. Our Support team can't assist with design coding - please talk to your Account Manager for more information.

Details - OnAIR Tab

This section helps you configure your Attendee App for virtual and hybrid events, or live in-person events if you wish.

  • Link to OnAIR Portal for Live Support and Live Host Feed – select the OnAIR portal that will be linked for Live Support and Live Host Feed
  • Enable Live Host Feed – select this option to send the Live Host Feed to your Attendee App users.
    Note: You can do this for live events and use the OnAIR portal to generate the Live Host Feed.
  • Enable Discussion Forum – check this box to enable this option
  • Enable Join Live Session Button – lets attendees see live session broadcasts in the Attendee App.  
    Note: Incurs AIRCast charges for all attendee views of this stream.
  • Enable Auto Session Survey –  displays the session survey immediately after an attendee leaves the session.
  • Live Q&A Widget – Enable Thumbs Down
  • Live Q&A Widget – Enable Submit Anonymously

Details - Custom Branding tab

Note: There are fees associated with creating a custom branded app for your event. Talk to your Account Manager.

Custom Branded Attendee Apps let you customize the app icon and descriptions, and track download and usage statistics. A Custom Branded Attendee App enhances the experience for your attendees, and gives your event brand/sponsors greater exposure. 

Custom Branded Attendee Apps will appear in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store under the name of your event, with your organization listed as the App Developer. We manage the customization of your branding and submit your app to the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Once you've spoken to your Account Manager, please fill out the details in the Custom Branding tab of the app builder. 

Details - Localization Tab

The localization feature lets you adjust the wording for headings, labels, messages etc. within your app.
For more information, read this article on how to use localization features.

Adding components to your Attendee App

Under the Builder tab, you'll see all the available components and be able to drag them into your app. (See the list of all components further below in this article).

By default, the Log Out and Log In components, and the privacy settings (Attendee App & OnAIR Visibility) will appear when you first open the Builder tab.

To edit a component after you've added it, click on the drop-down arrow to the right. 

Save will save your changes and close the Builder.

Save & Preview will leave the Builder open, and open the App in your Web Browser to see how your changes look.

General settings (for all components)

While some components include other settings, these are available in all components:

  • Heading text - you can edit this as needed
  • Requires Login - checking this box means only logged in users can access this component. See Managing Access to the App below.
  • Visibility - lets you define who can see this (either all logged in users, attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and/or sponsors).

There are also settings allowing you to tailor the icons for each component:

  • Standard Icon - choose from a library of different icons.
  • Custom Icon - upload your own 144x144 pixel icon.
  • Use Default Icon Settings - checked by default. You can uncheck this box to customize your icon and icon text colors.
  • Mobile App Colors - let you define the icon color, background color, text color, selected icon color, and selected icon background color.
  • Show Ads - you can publish or not publish sponsor ads within this component.
  • Show Page Banner - you can choose to hide the event app banner from this specific page.

List of Attendee App components:

These items are available in Attendee App Builder (listed in the order in which they appear):

Attendee App & OnAIR Visibility

This lets your attendee app user can choose what information is shared with other users in Meeting Hub, Attendee Search, Exhibitor Search, Sponsor Search and Presenter Search. They can also select other options such as Do Not Disturb and whether or not to add social media profiles.

For optimum data protection, it's recommended you choose:

  • Display Privacy Option on App Login If Options are not Selected – which will display these Privacy Settings to the attendee when they first log into the Attendee App IF they haven't already selected any options.
  • Privacy Default – First name plus initial [you can also choose full details].

Meeting Hub Profile Survey – If applicable, you'll see this option and can add a Meeting Hub Profile Survey that you're previously created in this event. The Meeting Hub Profile Survey can be seen via advanced search in Meeting Hub and Attendee Search and in an attendee’s Info option.

Auto Event Check-In

This feature lets attendees automatically check-in to an event and have their name badges printed. This check-in and badge print is triggered by a beacon picking up a signal from the attendee app (with app running and Bluetooth enabled), or by the attendee scanning a specific QR code posted on a sign or wall. (Read more about Auto Event Check-In later in this article.)

My Photo

This allows your attendees to use their device's camera to add or replace a headshot to include in the Attendee Search function. Attendees can see, edit and/or replace their photo. If you want to, you can decide to only allow a photo capture or upload if there's no photo already there. 

Meeting Hub

Meeting Hub operates in the same way as Meeting Hub in the OnAIR Portal. In Meeting Hub, attendees can search for other attendees, request connections, and engage with voice calls, video calls, text messages chats and scheduled video meeting.

Meeting Hub also includes a scan function where connections can be made at live events using the devices camera to scan bar and QR codes on another attendee’s name badge. They can display a QR code to be scanned as well.

Settings specific to this component in the Attendee App include: 

  • Scan Instructions – specific instructions on the scanning process 
  • More Info Button – you can add a Merge Doc you've created to display additional information about a sponsor. This is typically a Merge Doc without a header, and you just insert the contact data fields that you wish to share
  • Meeting Hub Profile Survey – Choose a Meeting Hub Profile Survey you previously created. The Meeting Hub Profile Survey is available via advanced search in Meeting Hub and Attendee Search and can also be seen in each attendee’s Info option.
  • Disable Meetings - if enabled, will remove the "Meetings" option between connected attendees.
  • Meeting Date Range Start Date/End Date – Enter the desired start and end date ranges here
  • Create New Connections in Meeting Hub – select whether all attendees or specific attendee types are allowed to create new connections in Meeting Hub
  • Calls, Chats and Messages - Only Allow Between Attendees that Have Connected – checking this box will restrict calls, chats and messages to attendees who've made connections
  • Export From Name, Email, Subject – enter the details here for the auto-generated emails to be sent when an attendee requests an export of contacts' details.

Session Survey

This option enables session surveys in the Attendee App. Any session that has opted in for Session Surveys (check box found in the Session Setup screen) will display the designated Session Survey via this icon. Surveys will be visible only after the start of the session.

Contact Bar Code and Contact QR Code

  • Contact Bar Code - this option displays a 1D bar code specific to the attendee, and can be used to gain access to sessions, ticketed events, and more.
  • Contact QR Code - this option displays a QR Code specific to the attendee, and can be used to gain access to sessions, ticketed events, and more.
    • Email or call your new contact directly from the Contact Exchange window
    • Directly message from within the Contact Exchange window
    • Enter notes about your new contact
    • Export your list of contacts with a direct email sent to yourself or any other party you designate

Resource Gallery

This gives your attendees searchable content from Exhibitors, Presentations, Poster Presentations and On-Demand sessions.

It offers most of the OnAIR Resource Gallery functionality, except for linking to Presentations and linking to Exhibitor Booths.

NOTE: You need to configure your Attendee App Resource Gallery separately from the Resource Gallery in the OnAIR Portal.

Settings you can manage include:

Presenter Gallery

  • Add Presenters to Resource Gallery – check this box to include presenters
  • Presenter Gallery Name & Instructions – enter a name and Instructions 
  • Document for Gallery – choose the document type you want to appear in the Resource Gallery
  • Include Presentations when Paper Status is – this paper status will only display presentations with the selected paper status, such as “Confirmed.”

On Demand Gallery

  • Add On-Demand Sessions to On Demand Gallery – check this box to add your on-demand sessions to the gallery
  • On Demand Gallery Name - enter your chosen name here
  • Instructions – enter the On Demand Gallery instructions here

Event Notes

Allows attendees to take general notes about any topic - each note is automatically saved, with the first line becoming the title. A few words from the entered note. The date and time the note was taken is also recorded. All notes can be exported, combined with session notes on separate tabs on a spreadsheet.

Live Support

You can offer Live Support for your live attendees in the Attendee App. Just like the OnAIR portal, attendees can post questions to the live support team.

Note for Live Only Events: Management of Live Support questions from live event attendees is done through the OnAIR Portal. Your live support team will work in the OnAIR portal and an icon indicates whether the question is from the OnAIR Portal attendees or Mobile App attendees.

Agenda and My Agenda 

In addition to the full agenda the My Agenda component lets your attendees see and add items to their own personalized agenda.

Attendees can also see sessions in the Agenda and My Agenda options take part in all session engagement options such as Live Q&A, Live Poll, Discussion Forum, Session Notes and more.

Attendees can optionally see live session video streams if you've enabled this.

  • Show - allows you to select the modules that will be shown in the Agenda.
  • Session Options – lets you define:
    • Include Presentation when Paper Status Is – the selected paper status will be the only presentations visible in the Agenda
    • Presentation Document – the presentation document that will be accessible in the Agenda
  • Use Agenda Colors - will show the colors you set in the Agenda Builder, for both Agenda and My Agenda.

Attendees can also search the Agenda and My Agenda for keywords, tracks, locations and times, and keep session notes, exporting them for use outside of the app.

They can also select individual presenters as a "favorite" and save that presenter to their My Agenda.

You can create multiple agenda listings in your attendee app based on specific location criteria. For example, you may want to show only agenda items scheduled for a specific meeting space.

Note: Attendees can use the Agenda component in the Attendee App to check in to Sessions, Functions and Activity/Breaks.

Attendee Search

Attendee Search lets your attendees view, search, network, and communicate between each other. While similar to Meeting Hub, Attendee Search can be filtered to show specific attendees and you can insert multiple components for filtered searches.

Settings you can manage include:

  • More Information - lets you choose from various Merge Doc options, such as attendee confirmation emails, faxes, and invoices.
  • Include Photo - lets you show the attendee photo on the Mobile App.
  • Include Social Media - checking this option will show this exhibitor’s social media details.
  • Selected Records - lets you choose all contacts with a registration, or you can filter to display only a subset (e.g. full conference, excluding one day attendees).
  • Sort Order - lets you sort by First Name, Last Name, or Organization.

EventStream and EventStream Leader Board

A private social network for your events and meetings, EventStream provides a platform for your attendees to post photos, videos, comments, and share in the social experience exclusive to your event. Your attendees can participate in EventStream through their Attendee App, and see the EventStream Wall, which is a scrolling event announcement display you can project in public areas and in meeting rooms. 

The EventStream options are:

  • EventStream - Adds the scrolling EventStream Social Network to the Attendee App. Attendees can post photos, videos (up to 10 seconds), comments, tags, and likes for other entries.
  • EventStream Leader Board - this option displays the top ten leaders in different categories, such as Top 10 Posts, Top 10 Contributors, Top 10 Commenters, Top 10 Mentions, and Top 10 Tags.

Read more information on EventStream.

EventStream Engage 

EventStream Engage is a comprehensive gamification platform to provide you with numerous games and goals to encourage interactions and engagement with your attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors. Using the Attendee App, your attendees can engage via games and activities that you define. Options available via the Attendee App include:

  • Connecting with other attendees
  • Installing the Attendee App
  • Visiting with exhibitors
  • Participating in social networking
  • Participating in Live Polling
  • Answering trivia questions
  • Checking into sessions and functions

These games or activities are built around goals, which are the specific engagements or actions you want to see happen. Attendees can earn points, accumulate badges, win prizes, and redeem coins to purchase items and gifts.

Speaker Search

Speaker Search is where your attendees can search the presenters at your event, and if allowed, message them as well. The options for Speaker Search are much the same as for Attendee Search, plus:

  • Presentation Document - choose what type of Presentation Documents can be included. Depending on the type of document, your attendees may see a text entry, or a link to download a document or spreadsheet..
Note: You can choose to show only presenting authors, only non-presenting authors, or both. 

Function Ticket Purchases

Function Ticket Purchases lets your attendees purchase additional tickets to any function you make available in the app. Options for In App Purchases include:

  • Interactive Payment Site - select your Interactive Site where attendees can pay for their tickets
  • Currency - select the default currency for purchases

Table Selection

Table Selection allows your attendees to see available tables for different functions, select a table, and invite other attendees to join them at the same table.

Options you can set include:

  • Functions - select which functions you want to make Table Allocation available for within the Attendee App
  • Show Guest Names -  displays guest names
  • Show Photos - displays photos
  • Invitation Email From Name/Email - enter the appropriate details here
  • Invitation Email Body - enter or change the email content that is sent to invited guests here
  • Accepted Email Options - enter the details for the default accepted invitation response 
  • Declined Email Options - enter the details for the default declined invitation response
  • Canceled Invitation Options - enter the details for the default canceled invitation response

Read more about the Table Allocation feature.

Meetings and Missed Meetings

These options, if enabled in your event, will show a schedule of meetings arranged between attendees and exhibitors. Missed Meetings keeps track of missed meetings so attendees can potentially reschedule.

Options include:

  • Enable Star Ratings - checking this box will allow attendees and exhibitors to score or rate every meeting that they have scheduled. This star rating is from 1 to 5 stars, and will display in the diary once star ratings are made. A star ratings report for all exhibitors and attendees is available in the Reporting Panel.
  • Combine Exhibitor and Co-exhibitor - checking this option combines co-exhibitors into a single entry.
  • Attendee More Information - lets you select a Merge Doc that you have created to display additional information about the Attendee (Exhibitor view).
  • Exhibitor More Information - lets you select a Merge Doc that you have created to display additional information about the Exhibitor (Attendee view).
Note: Attendees with pre-scheduled meetings are able to join those meetings from the Attendee App in addition to the OnAIR Portal.

Exhibitor Search

Exhibitor Search is where your attendees can search the exhibitors at your event and engage with them using the same call, chat and messaging options found in Meeting Hub. During open exhibition hours, attendees can also request text or video meetings with any exhibitor currently online.

Options you can set are:

  • More Information – enter the Merge Doc you have created to display additional information about this sponsor. This is typically a Merge Doc without a header, and you simply insert the contact data fields that you wish to share
  • Include Logo - checking this option will display the exhibitor logo in the app.
  • Include Social Media – checking this option will show this exhibitor’s social media details
  • Include Brochures - checking this option will include links to a PDF brochure from the exhibitor
  • Include Co-Exhibitors - if you are allowing co-exhibitors, all exhibitor details will be shown in the app (applicable to Exhibitor Search only).
  • Include Video Gallery – this option, when selected, will display all video brochures associated with the specific exhibitor
  • Enable FAQ Widget – this option will display the FAQ widget in the app. FAQ questions and answers are set by each individual exhibitor
  • Enable Live Presentations – check this box to let attendees view the schedule of live presentations for each exhibitor and to attend a live presentation from their Attendee App
  • Live Presentation Description – enter the title you want to display for Live Presentations in the Attendee App
  • Selected Records - will default to all Exhibitors. Otherwise, you can specify a specific subset of Exhibitors to display

Sponsor Search

Sponsor Search is where your attendees can search the sponsors at your event and engage with them using the same call, chat and messaging options found in Meeting Hub.

Options you can set include:

  • More Information – enter the Merge Doc you have created to display additional information about this sponsor. This is typically a Merge Doc without a header, and you simply insert the contact data fields that you wish to share
  • Include Logo - checking this option will display the sponsor logo in the app
  • Include Social Media – checking this option will show this sponsor’s social media details
  • Include Brochures - checking this option will include links to a PDF brochure from the sponsor
  • Selected Records - will default to all Sponsors. Otherwise, you can specify a specific subset of Sponsors to display

Scan Leads

Scan Leads will enable exhibitors with Exhibitor Lead Management enabled to use their Attendee Mobile App to scan leads at their booth or stand.

The same Attendee App can be used for everyone even if they don't have Exhibitor Lead Management services; only Exhibitors with Lead Management enabled will see this on their phone or tablet.

Settings include:

  • Scan Mode - lets you specify whether to use the phone/device camera or an external scanner as the method to collect leads. If you need both methods for your exhibitors, create two Scan Leads options, with each one set to the appropriate scan method.
  • Requires Log In - requires that the attendee log in to the App to use this feature.
  • Visibility - determines what attendee type will see this functionality - typically you should set this to only Exhibitors.
  • Stand Types - Lets you specify what stand types (or the exhibitors who have purchased those stand types) can use this feature.

See Lead Management for more information on this function.

View Leads

This function will display a list of all attendees that have been scanned when visiting the booth or stand.

See Lead Management for more information on this function.

Other components you can add 

  • Alerts - these are conference-wide messages and updates that the organizer can send out to the Attendee App.
  • News - this option is useful for sending out news updates on a scheduled basis to all the users of the Attendee App.
  • Twitter - this option will collect Twitter feeds from all attendees and display them in real time in the Attendee App.
  • Static Content - is a powerful and flexible item that lets you create additional content for the Attendee  App. Static Content can feature:
    • Text information
    • URLs
    • Documents
    • Google Map Integration
  • Interactive Site - include a link to any Interactive (registration) site in this event, for example to allow the attendee to easily buy additional function tickets, or register interest for a special activity.
  • Advertising - this block lets you insert banner ads from sponsors. You can insert multiple ads, and organize them to rotate on a scheduled basis.

Managing access to the Attendee App

Usually, only attendees registered to your event can log in to the Attendee App. However, you can make some items in the available to non-registered users. This can be very useful in different circumstances. Some examples could include:

  • A personal assistant wanting to see hotel location information for someone attending the conference.
  • Someone who forgot their password wants to quickly locate restaurants near the hotel.
  • Company employees not attending the conference wanting to see information on speakers and exhibitors.

Visibility settings will default to "Requires Log In" for each each component of the builder, to "lock" that module. Only a user who logs in can see these items. If a particular item in the Attendee App requires a log in, it will appear grayed out, as shown below, but you can also choose to disable the "Requires Log In" box.

Auto Event Check-in feature

Auto Event Check-In allows your attendees to either scan a QR code or have a beacon scan their mobile device when they first enter a registration area. Their name badge will be automatically printed and they'll be checked in to the event.

After an attendee has successfully checked in, the Auto Check-In option disappears from their Attendee App screen.

There are three steps in setting up Auto Check-In:

Step 1: Assign each available name badge to be available to assigned Registration Types. This is done in Name Badge Setup in the Setup Panel.

Step 2: Set up one or more Print Queue Express Actions.

Step 3: Enable one or more Auto Event Check-In Components in the Attendee App.

Auto Event Check-In in the Attendee App

  • Auto Event Check-In With - Choose Beacon and/or QR code as required. A QR code requires the attendee to scan the QR code generated from this screen. A beacon checks the attendee in, and prints a name badge automatically, IF the attendee has the app running and Bluetooth enabled.
  • Major and Minor ID - These settings are assigned by you directly within a specific beacon. Your beacon will typically come with an Android or iOS app that will connect to the beacon and allow you to assign these ID numbers.
  • Copy QR Code - Clicking on this will save the correct QR code to your clipboard, so you can print out the QR code for inclusion on signage about Auto Check-In services.
  • Instructions - These are the instructions that your attendees will see when they open the Auto Check-In option within their Attendee App.
  • Requires Log In - This will always be checked by default as this works only when an attendee has logged into the Attendee App.
  • Visibility - Select All Logged in Users, Attendees, or both, as needed.
Note: You can purchase your own beacons, or purchase your pre-programmed beacons directly from us. 
To learn more please search this site for "beacons".

Using Auto Event Check-In

  • Create communications to your attendees explaining how to use the service (QR code or beacon, as appropriate).
  • Create registration venue signage with instructions about scanning QR codes with their attendee app to check into the event.
  • For each print station, configure a different PC running EventsAir, using the Auto Event Check-In Express Action.
  • When your attendees enter the venue, they can either open their app to scan a QR code on a sign, or simply receive a check-in confirmation when a beacon reads their presence in the venue.