What's New in OnAIR Version 5

OnAIR Version 5.0 Overview Video

3D Mode

3D Mode is an alternate virtual experience that you can provide to your attendees. Using 3D mode, you can create and apply a 3D environment to all aspects of your virtual event, or you can choose to deploy a 3D scene for specific aspects, such as the Main Lobby and the Exhibition Hall.
Using 3D Mode, you can build the 3D version of your event by using images found in the 3D Gallery, and you can also upload and use your own custom scenes wherever you wish. 

Lower Third Graphics in AIRCast Studio

You can now apply a lower third caption for all presenters in AIRCast Studio. Lower Thirds are easily customizable, providing you with an easy to use editor for designing the background color, graphic, fonts, and more. Once designed, they can be easily enabled in AIRCast Studio.

Additionally, they host can choose to edit the name and second line content as needed directly within the AIRCast Studio environment.

Exhibitor Live Presentations

Each exhibitor can schedule presentations during the live exhibition hours. Attendees can choose any presentation they wish to attend where there are available seats from a display of live and upcoming presentations.

Exhibitors can present in Webinar Mode, which is similar to a Poster Presentation where the audience sees the presenter and all attendees are audio only. Alternatively, they can also choose to present in Interactive Mode, which is much like a breakout room where all attendees and exhibitors cameras and audio is enabled. Presenting Exhibitors can switch between modes during a presentation and can easily screenshare.

Exhibitors can have up to 40 attendees at any presentation, and attendees can join a presentation in advance and can star a presentation as a favorite.


The EventStream social network has been hugely popular at our live events, and now is fully integrated in OnAIR as well. Much like many features in OnAIR, EventStream runs off the same EventsAir database so you can deploy the social network for both live and virtual attendees at the same time - another engagement feature for your hybrid programs!

You will manage the entire EventStream experience with the EventStream Manager, located in the Communication Panel of EventsAir.

Enhancements to AIRCast Studio

Invite Sponsor

This feature lets the AIRCast Host invite any person linked to a sponsor organization to come onto the Main Stage even if they are not in the session. This feature is found in the Attendees tool, which is now called Attendees & Sponsors.

Contact Presenter

When viewing the session info, it now shows the online and in-studio status for all presenters for the current session. On the presenter image, you will see a green dot if they are online and have signed into the portal. There will be a red dot indicating that presenter is in AIRCast Studio. There is a call button next to each presenter, letting you easily contact a presenter.

Discussion Forum

If you are a presenter or host, you can delete specific comments such as practice or inappropriate comments in the Discussion Forum.

Breakout Rooms

Attendees can raise hands, presenters can mute all attendees and presenters can drop down a list showing which attendees are in specific breakout rooms.

Additional Enhancements Included in OnAIR Version 5.0

Live Host

Virtual Emcees (MC) now have AIRCast Studio functionality such as pre-recorded videos (Media Panel), invite attendees to the host broadcast and green room functionality.

Custom Domains

Custom Domains now extend to the OnAIR Portal.

New Analytics Report

The new Session Attendance report shows the Check In and Check Out dates and times for all attendees and all sessions at your OnAIR virtual event. This report is found in the OnAIR Analytics.

Discontinuation of GoToWebinar Integration

Due to significant ongoing technical issues we've experienced with GoToWebinar, including challenges with their integration methods, platform stability and restriction limits they impose, we have removed the integration with GoToWebinar. We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause, however, after discussion with all customers currently using GoToWebinar, this change is effective with the release of OnAIR NextGen.