Application Setup - Libraries

In Application Setup - LIBRARIES, you'll find many different options to create re-usable elements for all your events. 

Dietary Requirements

Here, you can set up a library of dietary requirements. You can choose a list for your event, and ask attendees to select from the list during online registration (or you can manually assign dietary preferences in the Attendee Panel). These requirements can be reported on and shared with food and beverage vendors in reports or through the Dietary Requirements Portal.


You can set up amenities and facilities that can be associated with hotel suppliers. These are for your internal reference and appear in the Global Hotel Set Up report under Supplier Reporting.

Hotels & Suppliers

  • Preferences - Turn on Brand & Chain functionality here.
  • Brand & Chain - Set up global Brands (e.g. Hilton, Best Western) here, along with their various chains that fall under that brand.
Tip: When setting up a new hotel for your event in Hotel Setup, you can press Add From Library, and search for this brand. Selecting the brand will pre-fill your new Hotel entry with all the details of the hotel (e.g. address) you've  set up here.
  • Supplier - If you use the same suppliers (hotels) across many events, set up details of their usual room types here. You can press Add Standard Rooms to easily add the room types you've already configured under Room Types.

Room Types

  • Create standard, re-useable Room Types that can be linked to your global Suppliers.

Click here to view additional information about setting up Room Types.

Currency Library

This library is used when you plan to open registration to attendees paying in different currencies. Here, you can create a library of different currencies you plan to use, and assign the default currency symbol for each currency.

Note: The currencies you want to select for use in each event, plus their Exchange Rates, will be set up at a per-event level, in Event Currencies and Rates.

You will create specific currency libraries within a specific event, including the estimated exchange rate.


This is where you can define master language translation tables that can be applied to the following:

  • Interactive Sites
  • Merge Docs
  • Attendee Apps
  • Organizer Apps
  • Portals and Apps found in the App Store

In each category, you are able to define translations for specific sections, or the entire area that you are editing.

Each translation table will consist of the Original Text generated by EventsAir, and the right column will contain your translation.


You can create multiple Country Lists in Libraries. You can also copy an existing list to use as a base.

  • Application Setup – Office: When a Country List has been selected, the associated countries appear in the drop-down menu.
  • Event - Select a Country List, then save. 
  • Interactive Site & Contact  - Only countries from the list selected for that event will appear in drop-down menus.
  • Office, Contact, Presentation Affiliation, Accommodation (hotel), Supplier: You can also add a country using the drop-down menu if it doesn’t already appear in the list.

  • If you only have one country list, this will be added by default to all your events.
  • If you have more than one country list, you’ll be prompted to choose the correct list when you set up your event.
  • Country lists support UTF-8 characters (e.g. Asian languages, Arabic, etc).

Ports Library

This is a pre-defined library of ports and airports (used by the Travel module), which you can edit as needed.

Carrier Library

This is a pre-defined library of carriers (used by the Travel module), which you can edit as needed.