Version 15.1 SP4 - April 23rd

In line with our faster update process, the latest service pack includes resolutions to various bug fixes documented below.

For further information, please reach out to our support team here.

NOTE: This release also includes important upgrades to ensure a smooth transition to the new Azure environment. Therefore we highly recommend unpinning your environment if you are currently pinned.  


EventsAir Pay

  • EventsAir Pay now supports Apple Pay. [REF: EA-6315]


  • Exports of more than 13K contact records have been made much faster. [REF: EA-6187]

OnAir Portal - Analytics

  • Standard reports taking longer than four minutes are handled differently (to avoid timing out due to stricter firewall requirements in new Azure environment). [REF: EA-6399]

Resolved issues

App Pool

  • When an OnAir portal was set up with a live date range of less than one hour, app service recycling would add incorrect time data, resulting in problems with all apps. [REF: EA-6392]

Attendee App - My Agenda

  • Presenter Profile photos weren’t appearing in the My Agenda component of the Attendee App (but would still appear in other components in the app, e.g. Speaker search and Agenda); and would appear if QR codes were enabled in session setup. [REF: EA-6309]

CE Courses - Accreditation

  • Accreditation report (export) was incorrectly exporting the category name in place of the sub-category name. [REF: EA-6300]

EventsAir Pay

  •  A difference in currency rounding policy was creating issues when trying to pay in some currencies (such as Japanese Yen). [REF: EA-6360]

Interactive Sites

  • An interactive site where guest names were not enabled wouldn’t properly accept a discount code for a function, if another fee type had no discount code required. [REF: EA-6326]

Payment Gateway

  • If a payment via the Realex/RealAuth gateway was made in a browser using European currency formatting (comma instead of decimal), an incorrect amount was recorded in the EventsAir audit trail. [REF: EA-6363]

To see updates, changes and improvements for the EventsAir public API, check out the Developer Portal Change Log open_in_new 

This portal lists both planned and updated breaking changes, however these dates are also contingent on other factors including the relevant EventsAir release dates. If you have any questions or are uncertain about the information provided, please contact our support team.