Create an Organizer App

This is a brief overview - for more detail, search the help system for more information about these topics.


When amending or deleting an alert designed to appear in either an Attendee App or an Organizer App (or both), you're unable to edit or remove the alert within five minutes of the send time. [New alerts can still be created, as the queuing system handles them differently.]

If you try to make changes or delete an alert within 5 minutes of the alert being scheduled to send, this may appear to work, but doesn't have time to take effect. 

The Organizer App demonstrates our commitment to event organizers. This powerful app puts EventsAir onto any mobile device, so you can manage the event onsite wherever you go. It streamlines EventsAir down to the features you need most during the event. You can get access to the agenda, check people in to sessions and functions, monitor your Twitter feed, view live streaming sessions, search for attendees, send out alerts, communicate with your staff, access Run Sheets, run reports and more.

1. Create your Organizer App

From the Online Panel, choose Organizer App. Create a unique Event App Code (don't include spaces or special characters), set the App Live Dates. Users will sign in with an email and password (you can choose who's allowed access - EventsAir Users and/or Team Members - see more information below).
Even though only you and your team members will use the Organizer App, you'll still want to add your preferred icons, splash screen, banner and background image to match your event branding. 

Use the drag and drop Organizer App Builder to add components. 

You can also create multiple Organizer Apps for one event if different settings are required.

2. Note URLs and QR codes

You should send these to anyone who needs access to download the Organizer App (they need to download the app from the Google Play or Apple App Store).

You’ll need to give them the Event App Code (under the Details tab in the App builder). The HTML 5 link is available, but the native iOS or Android app allows for advanced features such as push notifications and barcode scanning via phone or device camera. 


3. Ensure users have access

Under the Details tab, when you create the app, you can allow anyone who's an EventsAir user with access to this event to be able to sign in to the Organizer App. 

If you also choose to give Team Members access, you need to go to the Setup Panel, into Run Sheet, and add or edit your Team Member(s) who need access to the Organizer App by ticking the box to say "Access Organizer Apps". 

4. Useful Organizer App features

To read more about these features, search on this site. 
  • Event Check-In and Function Check-In
  • Session Scan In and Scan Out
  • Run Sheet and My Run Sheet (personalized)
  • Attendee search - you can also capture & edit photos
  • Agenda 
  • Quick Reports
  • Team News (just for your team)
  • Alerts - send alerts either to your attendees or just to your team (Organizer Alerts)
  • See all event alerts
  • Manage EventStream functions
  • Twitter Feed 

Local Storage

  • You can choose what Organizer App data is stored on your local device so you can use it even without an internet connection if needed.