Personalized Links (Auto Login Tokens)

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An Auto Login Token is a short line of code inserted at the end of a hyperlink which creates a unique personal login to an Interactive Site or App Store portal. 

When an attendee clicks on this personalized link, it will open their specific and unique view of the Interactive Site or Portal and log them in immediately. For their convenience, the contact details you have on file will also pre-populate (already be filled in). You can allow them to edit these details.

Why use Auto Login Tokens?

You can use Auto Login Tokens in many different ways:

  • Email Invitations to Register – send to an existing contact and they can click on the link to log them straight into a registration site, with their details already filled in.
  • Auto Login to Surveys, Apps and Portals – send a Merge Doc which includes a personalized link to open up and log into the Attendee App, or other sites and portals such as the Exhibitor Portal, Sponsor Portal, Group Management Portal and more.
  • Allowing you to see how an Interactive Site, Survey or Portal will look to a specific contact – Test and review your sites and portals by using Attendee Tools to open and view any Interactive Site or portal as if you were a specific contact or attendee.
  • Reminders to organization members to update their contact details (Interactive Site or Membership Portal)
  • Personalized links to Pre- or Post- Event Surveys 
  • Links for your event staff to open the Onsite Portal,  Photo Review App, Bulk Check-In App, Access Control App and others.

Where do I find Auto Login Tokens?

  • You can insert Auto Login Tokens into confirmation or marketing Merge Docs (from within the Communications panel).
  • You can also add them into individual emails or planned communications (Plain text, HTML emails or texts).

To see an individual's Auto Login token(s) so you can log into various sites and portals as that person, go to their contact record and use the Attendee Tools (from the Attendee Actions, choose the spanner/wrench icon).

How to Insert an Auto Login Token

While you can insert Auto Login Tokens in multiple areas of EventsAir, you always need to:

  1. Place your cursor in the email or message where you want the link to appear (for example, you may have something like "Here is your unique link to log in to your Registration Site", followed by the link)
  2. From the Site Links dropdown menu, choose the site, portal or app you want link to
  3. Check the "Add Auto Login Token" checkbox
  4. Choose an expiry date/use option - see more information below
  5. Click the Insert button to insert the link into the message

For example, when creating a Confirmation type Merge Doc, you would usually expand the Contact Details element (using the cog symbol):

Then under the Fields tab, create a personalized email using Merge Fields such as title, name, organization etc. 

At the correct point, insert the Auto Login Token (in this case, to the registration site in case they want to update their details):

More about expiry dates / limited use

You can choose four options for Auto Login Tokens when inserting them into a Merge Doc:

  • 7 Day Token - the token can be used for seven days (from the date and time when it was sent).
    This is the default setting when you select "Add Auto Login Token".
  • Token Valid Between Specific Dates - you can set your own valid dates
  • No Expiry Token - can be used at any time
  • Single Use Token - can only be used once (helpful if you want to prevent the token being forwarded to others)

Formatting options:

In a Plain Text or Text Message, no formatting is possible and the link will be inserted directly as a URL, for example: 

However, when inserted into any HTLM editor, Contact Details element (under the "Fields" tab) in a Merge Doc, a hyperlink will be created and it will display as a clickable link to the recipient, which will look something like this [note, the example below is not actually a link]:

2025 Impact Registration

You can go into the HTML to edit the text that will appear for the hyperlink -  this is the text between the >  <  marks, shown in purple in the example below:

<a href="">2025 Impact Registration</a>

Adding an auto login token as a hyperlinked image

Let's say you want to add an RSVP button to your email, which is actually clickable link that will take each attendee to their personal login page.

Start by creating an image of a 'button' into your email (for example, you can create something simple like the below in MSWord):

Upload the image to your AIRDrive and get the URL for it. Read more about AIRDrive here.

Insert the image into your email - read more about creating HTML emails and inserting images here.

To get the correct hyperlink, we'll initially use the usual method as to insert an auto login token as a text link (described above).

Now, right-click on the text link you just inserted, and select "Copy link address".

(Another way to do this is to highlight the link and Select "Link" from the Insert menu, then copy the full URL you see using CTRL + C). 

Now we're going to make this the link for the button image. 

Select the image you created to be the button, and then select Insert > Link


Paste in the URL you just copied, to add the hyperlink to the image. Click SAVE


The image is now a button with an auto login link. You can remove the text link if you wish, or leave it there for recipients who may not be able to see or download the image.