Sponsorship Management - Quickstart Guide

EventsAir gives you a fully-integrated way to manage all aspects of your sponsorship program. You can track the sponsorship sales cycle, manage everything included in their sponsorship package, and keep track of what you need to do for them. You can handle payments (and payment schedules), along with additional items they might want to purchase, such as event registration fees, accommodation, and optional functions.

The Sponsorship module lets you create sales packages that you can customize for prospective sponsors. You can then manage and track each package throughout the sales process, and then the delivery of your package items to each sponsor.

When you create packages, you will indicate the items that are included in the package. These inclusions can be:

  • Logo placements
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Meal sponsorships
  • Premium booths and booth placement
  • Complimentary registrations
  • Function tickets
  • Much more!

You can also create custom checklists, so you can easily assign and stay on track of managing your sponsors. As part of this, you'll be able to store and view documents from your sponsors, including logos, branding details, program descriptions, and more.

You can also give sponsors may opportunities to engage with attendees via gamification, meetings (in-person or virtual), and OnAir portal inclusions.

Steps to Managing Sponsors

There are several steps to managing Sponsors in EventsAir. For more information about each of these, search on this help site.

  • Set up and define your sponsorship levels, packages, checklist items, inclusions and other preferences in the Sponsorship Module (Setup Panel).
  • Set up and configure your Sponsorship Portal so your sponsors can select packages, manage payments and deliver checklist items in an online portal.
  • Collect sponsor registrations either through the Sponsor Portal, or manually in the Attendee Panel.
  • Follow up on required deliverables and checklist items.