Setting Up Virtual Attendee Registration (and Live Streaming)

Since OnAIR is built on the EventsAir platform, your virtual events can parallel (or blend with) your live events.

You can create different registration types for your events, and within each, designate specific registration types to be virtual attendees.

This is a powerful way to create hybrid events: selling different registration types based on live or virtual attendance.

You can also allow live attendees to see virtual content.

Registration Type Setup

To add virtual access to a registration type, check the Virtual Attendee box for that registration type.

The “Virtual Attendee” setting is referenced when configuring sessions and functions for Live Stream Access.

Live Stream Access is set for each specific session or function, and once you've ticked "Enable Live Streaming", you can choose who'll be allowed access:

  • All Attendees
  • All Virtual Attendees
  • Virtual Attendees who registered for this session
  • Target Group (filter by your chosen parameters)