Pre-Session and Post-Session Videos and Images

You can now add one or more videos to a session that will play prior to the session start, or once the session is finished. These can be sponsor or exhibitor videos or videos about the upcoming session.

Videos are entered in a specific session, in the OnAIR tab. You can enter multiple videos (from the same provider such as YouTube or Vimeo) simply by separating videos with a comma.

Videos are preceded by a short countdown display, and this display appears between videos. 

Videos will end a few seconds before the session begins.

It is also possible to add a static image to show before and after the session. 

For videos, you simply enter the video ID (the numbers that typically follow the slash in the video URL).

For static images you simply select the image you want to display prior to the session beginning or after it concludes.

Post session videos or images can be viewed by any attendee already in the session. For anyone visiting the session once it concludes, these post session videos or images will not be displayed.