Meeting Hub

Meeting Hub

At live events, attendees look for other attendees to connect, such as colleagues or friends.

Meeting Hub is the virtual equivalent, where attendees can search for other attendees, request meetings in advance or engage in virtual conversations on the spot.

The Meeting Hub can be accessed before, during, or after sessions.

Setting Up Meeting Hub

You can set up Meeting Hub in the OnAIR Portal settings:

  • Enable Meeting Hub – select this option to turn on Meeting Hub in OnAIR
  • More Info Button – select the Merge Doc you’ve created to display additional details about this attendee. You will use a Merge Doc without a header, and you simply insert merge fields as needed from the contact section of the attendee’s record.
  • Meeting Hub Profile Survey – this is a short survey that attendees complete in advance, before taking part in the Meeting Hub. You create the survey in the Communications panel, using questions you wrote in Setup (Surveys). You should keep these profile questions simple, usually check boxes or radio buttons.
  • Meeting Date Range (Start and End Date) – This option lets you set the available date range for meetings to be set between attendees 
  • Create New Connections in Meeting Hub – This option lets you restrict which groups of attendees can request connections in Meeting Hub
    • All Contacts
    • Target Group
Note: All attendees can access the meeting hub to accept and manage their connections. Only attendees identified here will be able to view and search other attendees and request connections.
It is also now possible to disable the Meetings tab in the Meeting Hub to stop attendees from scheduling meetings with each other.