What's New in EventsAir 7.1

Live Q&A

Live Q&A is similar to Audience Polling, where your attendees are able to submit, view and vote on questions in real time as they are submitted to the presenter.

As attendees submit questions, the presenter can respond, moderate and manage all questions from the Live Question Portal.

Attendees have the ability to upvote questions, which are instantly displayed in the Attendee App and the Live Question Portal. There is an optional down vote option as well.

The Live Portal offers a standard view as well as a full screen view, which is ideal for displaying questions in real time to the attendees.

Questions can be sorted by Next Question, Completed, Starred and Deleted, and there is an optional Moderator option that lets the presenter or a moderator choose which questions are to be answered next.

All questions can be optionally deleted or exported for additional review or response.

Filter Option when Sending News and Alerts to the Attendee App

You are now able to target which contacts you wish to receive news updates and alerts in their Attendee Apps. This is extremely useful when you need to send out an Attendee App alert or news update to a selection of contacts, such as exhibitors, presenters or staff persons.

Favorite Presentations

Attendees can now indicate favorite presentations and save to their My Agenda in addition to saving favorite sessions.

From the Agenda view in the Attendee App, you can simply select specific presentations that you want to save to My Agenda.

These favorite presentations are clearly displayed in My Agenda, separate from saved sessions.

Event Notes

Event Notes is a new component in the Attendee App that allows attendees to take general notes about any topic they wish to document.

Each note is automatically saved, with the first line becoming the title. A few words from the entered notes and the date and time the note was take is also recorded.

All notes can be exported for further use, and the export is combined with session notes on separate tabs on a spreadsheet.