Creating AIRCast Studio Sessions

Creating AIRCast Studio Sessions in OnAIR

Sessions and Concurrent Sessions are like a live event. These presentations can be presented live to the virtual audience either webinar style, pre-recorded or as a live stream from a professional AV team.

Sessions can also be presented as Interactive Workshops where attendees can all speak and interact with each other.

AIRCast is the built in streaming service that powers all aspects of the OnAIR experience, including sessions. AIRCast powers AIRCast Studio, a powerful and flexible session management environment that gives you significant control on how presenters, screen shares, videos and more are broadcast to your attendees.

Setting up sessions in AIRCast Studio gives you the option to download recordings of all presentations. You can then set up recordings to play after the sessions are over, and these will display on the main stage, similarly to an on demand session.
Presenters now also have access to watch the recording in the Studio.

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