System Setup - Financial Settings

Financial Settings lets you modify several system-wide financial settings, including:


  • Rounding - lets you choose how you wish to round your currency calculations:
    • Round Up
    • Round Down
    • Round to Nearest
  • Track Payment Batches - This option lets you assign payment batches to group, or "batch" together payments or refunds under a single batch number. This is useful if you want to prepare scheduled deposit reports and you want to easily track all payments and refunds in a specific time frame or payment cycle. When you select this option, you will see the option to set Payment Batches when processing payments or refunds.  Click here for more information on Payment Batches.
  • Invoice, Receipt and Miscellaneous Invoice Options - this section lets you modify and set elements of invoices, miscellaneous invoices or receipts, including:
    • Prefix - lets you set the prefix to go in front of all auto-generated numbers.
    • Invoice Groups for Custom Invoice Layouts - this feature lets you create custom layouts associated with different Invoice Groups (show in the dropdown list). This lets you have multiple layouts that can be used for different requirements
    • Modify Layout - this option opens the EventsAir editor where you can edit format, content and design of your Invoice, Miscellaneous Invoice or Receipt.
    • Clone From - lets you clone an existing invoice, miscellaneous invoice or receipt from a different event.
    • Break down tax per item - this option will separate tax charges and show them applied to individual items on the invoice.
    • Enable Invoice Notes - enabling this will allow organizers to add a note next to the total amount due in an invoice
  • Track Costs - turn this on to enable Cost setup, and tracking of item costs through the system.


This option lets you define specific tax details, such as Hotel Taxes or GST, based on your country and taxing districts. Details include:

  • Code - the name of the tax (e.g. GST, VAT)
  • Description - the description of the tax.
  • Type - this is where you will select how this tax is calculated.
  • Percentage or Amount - this will reflect what Type of tax you chose from the previous item. This is where you can enter a percentage or a fixed amount for the tax.
  • Tax Paid Account - select the Account Category you wish to assign these expenses. (Typically it will be a Tax Liability account).
  • Tax Collected Account - select the Account Category you wish to assign tax funds received. (Typically it will be a Tax Liability account).
  • Default - select this if you wish to make this a Default Tax. (It is possible to have more than one Default Tax applied.)

Payment Types

This is where you will define the credit cards, checks, and other payment types you will accept at your event. Typical items can include:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Diners Club
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Refund Check
  • American Express

Your requirements may be different from the list above; create the Payment Types your business handles.

Information you can modify includes:

  • Name - name of the Payment Type.
  • Unique code - enter a specific name here, without spaces or special characters.
  • Funding Type- enter the type of funding here
    • Cash
    • Check
    • Credit Card
    • Direct Deposit
  • Fee Account - select the account you wish fees will be added to for accounting
  • Taxes - apply any Taxes (e.g. GST, VAT) to this Payment Type. This area will be pre-populated with any Default Taxes you have set up.
  • Confirm Amount During Payment Entry - check this option if you wish for EventsAir to present a confirmation window when you are collecting or processing payments.
  • Bank Account - your default bank account will display here unless you have created more than one bank account.