May Webinar 2024 - Let's talk travel


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These questions have been collated from the 3 regional webinars. Some questions were asked by more than one person, so you may not see the exact same wording you used in your question. Also we can only answer in general terms, so bear in mind your specific situation may need a different solution.


Webinars (general)

I had some technical problems and missed the beginning of this webinar...

It may be redundant to say this (since you're on this page) but if you miss any webinars, or the beginning of a webinar, you can always go to our webinar library to see what you missed, and also see all the answers to the questions from all three regions.

Change/Cancel travel details (manual)

When you change times in the travel module, does this flow through to attendee records?

Yes, changes do flow through to the attendee records, whether you make these changes manually in the Travel module or via bulk import. We double-checked this and couldn’t replicate the issue you described (changes not appearing in records), so please contact Support if you’re continuing to see this. 

(Something to keep in mind though: if you make a change to the name of the travel sector, this doesn’t automatically update on your registration site. You need to change it manually. That’s the same for similar headings in other modules. When you first drag a sector into your registration site and name it, the heading will be created to match it. But the heading name is deliberately separate from the item, to give you the option to change it if you want to. So while the item’s name will change if you update it, the heading won’t.)

Clone flights

Can you clone flight details from one attendee to another (e.g. husband & wife)?

Unfortunately not, especially if it's a custom flight that you've loaded onto their record. You can also contact us to see if there are other options that might be available, so that you don't have do that extra work.

You could use the GDS [Global Distribution System] import tool Express Action, using an Excel spreadsheet with two rows (one for the husband, one for the wife), with the same flight details. If they have separate contact records with the correct ID numbers, you can import those details for both.

Custom flights

Are the custom flights shown in the webinar the same as custom fields?

No, they’re a different feature that’s designed to let you easily collect your attendees’ travel preferences when they register, and then you make the booking later. There’s a special pre-built component you can add into the interactive registration site builder, as shown in the webinar. Then in the travel details tab on the site, you can find all the fields to turn on or turn off for that custom flight – which information you want to ask for. 

Import (Excel)

Can you just use an Excel spreadsheet if you don't have the Trondent-GDS interface?

You need a Trondent account to have the Trondent-GDS interface, but even if you don’t have that you should still be able to see the Process GDS Data Express Action (in the Express Actions panel). If you don't see this, please reach out to Support

You can definitely import details just with an Excel spreadsheet as Hayden demonstrated in the webinar. It does need to be in the correct format, so just download the template and follow the format, and you should be able to upload it. You can also find more information here.


Can we add a PDF travel itinerary to send to an attendee?

Definitely – as shown in the webinar, the travel itinerary can be added as an attachment doc a merge doc. You drag the “Add Personalized Doc” component into your Merge Doc, and then select Itinerary.  That will attach the PDF itinerary to the attendee’s email.  


Can I remove some of the ports and carriers from the library?

If you don’t need all the airports and airlines from the ports and carriers library, you can streamline them and make it easier to find what you want. HOWEVER don’t do this if you’re not the person managing all events in your build, because these are global/application level libraries used by all events. You can add ports and carriers back in later but if you’d broken the connection to where they were used in other events, you’d have to set up all of that again.

Time zones

Is the 'enable time zones' feature work based on the event time or flight time?

The time zones in travel aren’t based on the event time zone. Enabling time zones lets you select a time zone for each arrival or departure port when you’re creating a sector.

In the attendee app, are times based on the device time zone, or the flight time zone?

These flight times should be based on the arrival port’s time zone. This was a known issue but was fixed some time ago (2022) so shouldn’t be occurring now. Please contact Support if this is still happening


What’s the 'Display Transfers' option on the Personalized Doc attached to the Merge Doc?

That information is stored in the Accommodation module, if you have the Travel module enabled and you’ve enabled collecting Transfer information when you set up your Accommodation module preferences. Attendees manually add their transfer information when they register, and then it can be added into their confirmation document.  


Do the Trondent-GDS details come in by themselves?

The data connection is there, so the data will be flowing in, but you have to process changes using that “Process GDS Data” Express Action before they’ll be fully imported. That’s just to allow you to see and check the details. 

How do you manage a changed/canceled flight via Trondent-GDS?

The information will update, but you have to go into the Express Action and accept the changes.

Trondent is overwriting/canceling previous records (e.g. return flight import cancels departure flight)

When you import flights, you should indicate if they are flight 1, flight 2, etc. The customer asking the question in the webinar said that when a new manifest from the travel agent is imported, they're unable to see what flights are already in that attendee record. The flight numbering (Flight 1, Flight 2 etc.) should prevent over-writing, but if you're continuing to have this issue, please raise a Support ticket. [We're also reaching out directly to the person who asked this.]


Can we use this module to collect travel miles, e.g. for environmental impact of our event?

No, but you can use reporting, custom fields and/or marketing tags for this purpose if you want to – you can also add this as a suggestion in the community forum.  If you wanted to let each participant know their C02 emissions based on their flight (for example, if your airlines have offset vouchers) you could add a custom field that will merge into a confirmation email. 

Can our travel agent get direct access to EventsAir?

Something like the hotel portal but for travel could be useful, or you could also set up reports to send to your travel agent. The Trondent-GDS interface can then help bring information back into EventsAir. You may want to talk to your Account Manager or Success Specialist about what other options might be available.