App Settings - OnAIR Portal

The first section of the OnAIR Portal is where you set up all the main basic settings for your Portal. It is a highly important section because these settings will help you determine the look of your Portal. They also allow you to enable certain tools, such as Gamification, Resource Gallery, Device Check, and more. 

Some Headings can also be defined here.

All options are:

  • Portal Name – Enter the name of your Portal here
  • Sign-In Screen Image – Upload your sign-in page image here. Note the image dimensions should be exactly 890 pixels wide by 940 pixels high
  • Header Bar Image – Upload your header bar image here. Note the dimensions should be exactly 360 pixels wide by 50 pixels high
  • Disable Device Check – Normally, the first time someone logs in, the OnAIR portal performs a camera and microphone check. Checking this box will disable this login-in process
  • Enable Single Device Login - when enabled, attendees will only be able to log into the portal with their credentials one time only. If they attempt to sign in a second time from a different browser window or device, they are automatically logged out of their first instance.
  • Sign-In Option – This is where you can choose the sign-in process to the OnAIR Portal:
    • Account Email and Password created on an Interactive Site
    • Primary Email and Pin
    • Either
  • Pre-Open Early Access - these are additional access options to allow different parties to access the OnAIR Portal prior to the Live From date. The options are:
    • Allow Exhibitors to access OnAIR before the “Live From” date
    • Allow Presenters/Session Hosts/AV Partners to access OnAIR before the “Live From” date
    • Allow Live Support Agents to access OnAIR before the “Live From” date
    • Allow Admins (Control Room/Analytics/3D Builder) to access OnAIR before the “Live From” date
  • Privacy Default - this option lets you set the default privacy options for all attendees:
    • First Name Plus Initial
    • Full Details
  • Portal Mode - this option lets you set what Portal Mode will be used for this specific build:
    • 2D Mode and 3D Mode
    • Remote Attendee Mode
  • Virtual Name Badge - you have these options:
    • Show Registration Category on Virtual Name Badge - when selected, all attendee listings (badges) will show registration categories as a color bar at the bottom of their badge. If an attendee has multiple registrations, multiple registration categories will also show on their virtual badge, unless excluded
    • Exclude When Registration Category Is - you can choose to exclude specific registration categories on virtual name badges by checking the appropriate category check box
  • Enable Attendee Counts - when enabled, attendee numbers for specific sessions are displayed in the portal
  • Welcome Video –If you wish to display a short welcome video the first time someone logs into the Portal, enter the appropriate video sharing platform details here.
  • EventStream Engage Gamification - you can enable gamification for your virtual program using the EventStream Engage Gamification platform. you are able set icons, colors and headings here. All other settings are managed in the gamification settings, which can be found here.
  • Timeline - You can enter your own heading and description for the Timeline here.
  • Only Include Agenda Items with Location Is - this option lets you display the agenda when specific locations are assigned for specific sessions.
  • Resource Gallery - You enter any name you require for the resource gallery here.