What's New in EventsAir 7.0

Event Website Builder Tool

The Event Website Builder Tool lets you build a single page or multi-page responsive website to promote your events and meetings. The tool utilizes a drag and drop environment that includes libraries of hundreds of different layout options.

 When you drag and drop your website structure, the tool automatically creates a navigation menu for your site, including subpages when you build a multipage site.

Like the Event Info Site App, you can insert a block from the EventsAir Agenda, Speakers, Sponsors and Exhibitor sections and the appropriate information is automatically populated and updated in the website.

 Another feature includes the ability to use a custom event website domain for the site - allowing you to promote your events with your own custom domain name. Note: there is a fee to host and manage your event custom domain.

EventStream Engage

EventStream Engage is a comprehensive gamification platform to provide you with numerous games and goals to encourage interactions and engagement with your attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.

Gamification is all about engagement, finding activities, games, quests and goals to encourage your attendees to engage in many ways:

  • Connecting with other attendees
  • Installing the Attendee App
  • Visiting with exhibitors
  • Participating in social networking
  • Participating in Live Polling
  • Answering trivia questions
  • Checking into sessions and functions
  • Much more!

These games or activities are built around goals, which are the specific engagements or actions you want to see happen. Attendees can earn points accumulate badges, win prizes and redeem coins to purchase items and gifts.

Two new portals are also provided to support EventStream Engage.

An EventStream Engage Analytics Portal is available to view details of your engagement efforts and to automate prize draws during your events.

A Prize Redemption Portal lets your attendees easily redeem earned coins (earned through Engage activities) for prizes and gifts.

User Modes

We know that when you first start using EventsAir, the full range of tools and processes you see can be a little overwhelming. With that in mind, we have built into EventsAir a new way for you to interact with the EventsAir experience.

 We call these User Modes, where we have created three different EventsAir views based on your experience level:

  • Express
  • Advanced
  • Architect

When you first start using EventsAir, your default User Mode will be Express. In Express Mode, you will see just the basic functionality you need to start using EventsAir right away. At any time, you can switch to Advanced or Architect Mode as your experience level requires. These modes give you access to additional tools and processes in EventsAir.

Included with User Modes is a welcome screen that displays the first time you access an EventsAir panel within any user mode. This welcome screen provides you with a brief description of the panel along with a short introductory video and links to help topics for additional information.

Note to Existing Users: All existing EventsAir users will be set at the Express Mode level when EventsAir Version 7.0 is first loaded. Users can immediately switch to Architect Mode to access all the features previously used in EventsAir or we recommend navigating to each panel and watch the introductory video as this may highlight some previously unknown features.

Attendee App Themes

Attendee App Themes provide you with a new way of managing the look and feel of your Attendee Apps.

Attendee App Themes provide a library of preset designs that control the look and feel of your Attendee App.

The themes include the current style found in prior versions of EventsAir, along with new designs that offer fresh new designs, layouts and navigation design.

Themes can be switched at any time, and any theme can be customized with many of the new style and design options available in Version 7.0.

Another new option in Version 7.0 is the inclusion of Google Fonts to use with the Attendee App. We have added over 500 of Google’s most popular fonts.

Auto Event Check-In

This exciting new functionality in Version 7.0 automates the check-in process using the Attendee App and either a beacon or a printed QR code (displayed on a sign or wall in the registration area).

When an attendee walks into a registration area, they just press the “Event Check-in” icon in their Attendee App to scan for a beacon or scan a QR code. They are then automatically checked in and their name badge is queued to print. The attendee will see a message to direct them to the location that their badge has printed.

The function can be set to just check-in the attendee or print a name badge at the same time of check-in.

 Other functionality is similar to the self check-in portal, such as personalized attendee messages and failed check-in messages if payment is due and the badge could not be printed.

You can purchase your own beacons to use with EventsAir or purchase your pre-programmed beacons directly from us. If you purchase your own beacons, the must support iBeacon and Eddystone protocols, be compatible with iOS 7.0+/Android 4.4+ and include an App that allows you to configure them. Beacons cost upwards from approximately US$10.

EventsStream Leaderboard Portal

Leader boards are an exciting aspect of EventStream, and with the addition of gamification with EventStream Engage, you can now display all leader board activity at your events.

The Leader Board app lets you choose which leader boards you wish to display, along with timing and backgrounds, letting you create an attractive real-time display of who is leading in:

  • Engage Points
  • EventStream Contributors
  • EventStream Posts
  • EventStream Mentions
  • EventStream Tags
  • EventStream Commenters

You also have full control of text and background colors.

Additional Tools and Enhancements

Version 7.0 of EventsAir provides a long list of enhancements and new features, not all of which can be presented in detail. The following items are also included in this release of EventsAir. You can find additional information in the online help system and by contacting your support team.

Attendee App Agenda Filter

When viewing the Agenda in the Attendee App, you can filter by session name, presenter name and other search criteria.

Attendee App Session Notes

With the Attendee App Agenda you are now able to take notes against any session in the agenda. You can export your session notes for further use.

 Accommodation Discount Codes

Like Registration Discount Codes, you can create and use Accommodation Discount Codes. These codes can be used during online registration as well as being applied in the Attendee Panel of EventsAir. For example, this is a perfect use for invited speakers that receive complimentary accommodation.

Additional Exhibitor Registrations

In certain cases, your client may wish to provide some complimentary event registrations as part of purchasing an exhibition stand or booth. You are now able to provide additional complimentary or paid registrations associated with an exhibition booth or stand. Your clients can add these registrations from within the Exhibitor Portal.