Azure migration - extra information and miscellaneous FAQs

Azure Migration - Other FAQs

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Will my custom-branded Attendee App need to be changed?

No, it's fine. Because the URL has been hardcoded into these custom apps, we’ve put steps in place to ensure these custom branded apps will continue to work without a problem.


Will I have problems due to the Azure Front Door WAF (Web Application Firewall) incorrectly blocking legitimate items (e.g. a string of keywords in an abstract)? 

We don't think so. We’ll be monitoring this closely to prevent and quickly fix any problems, so please let us know if you notice this issue after the migration.  

What should I do if I use reports that normally take more than 4 minutes to run? 

UPDATE: We are now planning to issue a fix for this prior to the migration.

You may also want to review how you run reports (for example, by segmenting them). We may also be able to support you in other ways to help you streamline and make your reports more efficient.  

You may still wish to contact support with details of reports/exports or other processes you're running that routinely take longer than 4 minutes.  We’ll also continue to monitor this via traffic logs and can offer other options to support you.