Technical Briefing: AIRCast External RTMP Live Feed

The instructions outlined below apply after the release of the Version 15.1 SP5 Service Pack.

Sometimes, you want to stream externally-produced content directly into OnAIR (such as if your A/V partner or video producer is using professional software to mix or enhance the live stream), as part of your hybrid or virtual event.

Once you enable AIRCast for your event, you need to:

STEP 1 - Create Stream Channel(s)

 In the Setup Panel, Presentations look for the heading: “Stream Channels”.  

Click the PLUS icon to add a new channel: 

You’ll need to name the channel and choose a location to stream from. 

Note, streaming locations are set by our Content Delivery Network platform, so you need to choose based on where you'll be streaming from (if two streaming locations seem correct, you may want to consult a map and choose the closest to you for best results). 

Click SAVE. 

NOTE: You cannot change the region after creating the channel. If there's an error, you need to DELETE the channel and create a new one. 

Make sure you create enough channels for your event. 

If you have concurrent sessions, you CANNOT put them on the same channel.  You need one channel for each agenda track. 

STEP 2 - Check the channel(s) you've created

Under Stream Channels, you'll now be able to select the channel you just created, and check that:
  • the region name is showing; AND
  • the RTMP Server URL and Stream id/Key are both showing.

If these aren't showing, go back to Step 1, delete the channel and try again.

STEP 3 - Add the correct Stream Channel to each session

In each session requiring live streaming, under the OnAIR tab, check the box for “Enable Live Streaming"

Then for Delivery Mode, select either:

AIRCast RTMP  OR  Stream to AV partner

and select your chosen stream channel from the dropdown list.

After selecting the channel, you’ll see the RTMP Server and Stream Id/Key appear in the session details.

Encoder settings


Resolution: 1920 x 1080 px
Encoder: x264
Rate Control: CBR
Keyframe Interval: 0 (seconds)
Profile: baseline
Bit Rate: 4500 Kbps-6000 Kbps [4.5Mbps - 6Mbps] 
CPU Usage Preset: veryfast
Tune: zerolatency