Going Onsite - FAQs

Apps  various 

Can I view the Organizer App and Attendee App on the web as well as on my phone? 

Both the Organizer and Attendee App are available in the native IOS and Android app store so they can be installed on mobile devices. However, you also have the option to open the app in HTML5, which is a great way to test and view these apps before your event. 

How does the custom-branded Mobile App for your organization work? 

Custom-branded apps for your organization will let you publish, in the app stores, an app with YOUR company name, such as Acme Meetings Group. You can also set a custom app for a specific event, such as the Annual XYS Industry Conference, and attendees would find that in the app stores under the major event name. Our App team can provide more information. Please email customercare@eventsair.com 

How are your apps published to the Android and Apple stores? 

In the app setup, there is a link to the Apple Store and Google Play Store. After you’ve published the app, attendees can search in the app store click on a link you provide in an email or simply search for your app directly in their respective app store and then use the app code to open your app. 

How do people select how they’ll appear in Meeting Hub?   

You should add privacy options (as part of registration) to ensure people show or hide their names as they wish. Each person’s own selection overrides the ‘default’ you set up, as this is the default for after they’ve agreed to show their name. 


Organizer App 

Can certificates be issued directly from the Organizer App? 

No, as certificates are normally sent to attendees after the event. This is done from the Communications Panel in EventsAir as a mass action. You can set it up as a Personalized Document attachment to a Merge Doc. This automatically only sends each attendee their personal version of the document(s). 

Can our staff send out news and alerts direct from the Organizer App without having to log into EventsAir on a computer? 

Yes, there is an option to add a component to the Organizer App to manage these. 

Attendee App 

How can I see how many attendees use the app?   

You can use the OnAir portal and OnAIR analytics to see this. Aternatively, you could setup a gamification goal for installing the attendee app, but this isn’t the easiest or quickest way. 

What’s the best way to introduce the Attendee App to anyone who may not have used it before? 

You can send an email explaining modules and how to log in before the event.  There are sample emails in our Mobile App Quick Start whitepaper. 


Checking in (and out of) the event, sessions 

Can you set up your self check-in kiosks so that only some will accept onsite registrations? (Or some are only for speakers to check in?) 

Yes. You can set up different versions of your kiosk, and only some of these to accept new registrations. Then just set up different kiosks on different devices. 

Can you scan a QR code to check someone in with the Organizer App? 

Yes. Just have your Organizer App on a mobile device and you can scan barcodes using your phone or tablet camera.  

 Can I get a 2D barcode scanner and how much is one? 

2D Scanners are available from EventsAir for around $65 AUD. Please contact your account manager for more information and to purchase scanners. 

Can you search for who’s checked in by different registration types?  

Yes. Using the "Event Check-In" option under the Contact section of the filter, you can filter for those who have or haven’t checked in. The Onsite Portal and Organizer App also have options to sort on check-in status. 

Can beacons be used to capture attendance for each session? 

You can use beacons to capture attendance  but attendees will need to select the check-in option in the Attendee App. You could also post a QR code on signs or even on a screen outside the session and have attendees use their Attendee Apps to scan the QR code to record their entry and exit. 

What is session scan-in or scan-out? 

When building your Organizer App, you can enable Session Scan In or Session Scan Out to let you scan badges/codes for particular attendees mark them as checked in for (or checked out of) the session. 

Is there a way for attendees to book in for certain sessions if numbers are limited?  

Yes, you can apply limits to particular sessions and ask attendees to register. You can add a button in the Attendee App linked to a registration form for particular sessions. 

Can the Access Control App show why an attendee is denied access to a session? 

You can customize the message for your attendees to let them know specifically but usually it would be because either they have not been pre-registered or pre-assigned to that function, or they don’t meet the access requirement (ie they don’t have the correct registration type). 

Is there a training module for onsite check-in? 

No, but it’s on our list! In the meantime, there are many resources in the Help area. 



Can you import an existing floorplan and edit it? 

Not directly, but you can import your floorplan as an image and then layer stands over the top. 

If I set up visiting an exhibitor stand as an attendee goal, can I use that to track which stand is visited? 

No, the Exhibitor Stand Visit Goal won’t track which stand attendees have visited in the goal reporting. However, if a lead is captured at the stand by the attendee, it’s also stored as a lead by that exhibitor and can be reported on that way. 

How can exhibitors view their scanned leads? Can they be downloaded to your device? 

All exhibitor team members can look at leads via the exhibitor portal or in the attendee app.  To download them, you’ll need the correct permissions for the exhibitor portal. 

How can we encourage in-person attendees to interact with a virtual exhibition? 

One way is to have a QR code at the exhibit and set a goal to scan the QR code. You could also create a trivia question that could only be answered by visiting the exhibit. 

Is there a training module for exhibitor management? 

Not yet, but we do have many resources on this topic. Search “exhibitor” in our learning and help sites for more. 


Name badges 

Can name badges be printed via the Organizer App? 

Yes. In your Organizer App, (in the Event Check-in module), you can enable Name Badge Printing via Auto Event Check-In. This means that when your attendee checks in, their badge will be printed automatically. Alternatively, you could pre-print badges and include a barcode, then check attendees in as you give them their badge by scanning the QR code with the Organizer App.  

Can you recommend a printer and paper stock for badge printing?  

There are many different options, however we know many clients use a color Epson 3500 printer. You can use pre-printed badge stock from a variety of vendors, such as Avery. Many organizations will have their own preferences, and/or use paper rolls specific to their preferred printer.  

If my conference has multiple functions, can a bar code on the attendee name badge give access to just some functions, or to all of them? 

As the barcode is linked to an attendee’s record, you can scan a barcode using either the Organizer App or the Access Control App and get immediate information on which functions that attendee can enter. So this can be used to limit access to particular functions, or allow access to all of them (depending on how you’ve set up access). 

Can you set up different registration types with different onsite portals (and different badges)?  

Yes, you can create as many Onsite Portals as you like, and design different badges to suit. (You can also have more than one badge type per portal.) 

Can I include ‘functions paid for’ details in a name badge? 

Yes. The name badge editor allows you to pull through various details from attendee records, such as functions and registrations. If you need more help, please search for resources on this topic. 


Live interactions 

Can presenters see the results of the Live Polls during their presentation? 

Absolutely. They can see the results themselves in OnAIR portal (in speaker view), or you can use Live Poll Results App to display results to a screen (optionally to the side of the stage, behind the speaker or on a monitor they can see). 

What moderation options are available for Live Q&A? 

Within your Live Q&A set up, there’s a checkbox option to enable moderation. This allows your moderators or presenters to see and approve a question before attendees see it. Additionally, with each question that comes in, you have the options to delete or star the question to add it to the started question. You also have the option to have the question highlighted and moved to the top for your presenters to engage with next. 

How can I project the EventStream to a large (external) wall? 

Use the EventStream Wall App. This app allows upload the URL of your EventStream, which you can then display as needed. You can also enable Leaderboard, and it will show who’s earned the most points as part of attendee gamification, and advertisments if you set these up. 

What does it cost to use AIRCast for live polling only? 

For exact pricing on AirCast rates, please reach out to your account manager. 

What’s the difference between Live Chat and Messages?  

Live Chat allows you to chat directly with other attendees, in real time. Messages is more designed for reading and replying to later, whenever is convenient. 



How do I hide sessions from…[wherever]? 

Version 15 includes options to hide sessions from various places such as the Attendee App, OnAIR portal, websites etc. when you create the session. 

Can the Discussion Forum be exported? 

Not at the moment. However, you can return to the session and copy (CTRL + C) the text, then paste (CTRL-V) it into a text document.  

Can you have discount codes with functions? 

As part of Version 15, you can now create and assign discount codes for functions. Just like Registrations or Accommodation, just set a value or percentage and then choose which functions you’d like it to apply to.  

Is Local Storage a separate fee? 

The Local Storage module is included with your Organizer App for no additional charge. 

How much lead time do we need to request Priority Support? 

The sooner the better, to ensure we have the resources available. Ideally, at least a week out from your event – preferably earlier.  

Can I remove the ‘My Notes’ feature from the OnAIR portal /Attendee App if we don’t want people to use it? 

At this stage you are not able to remove this – it’s built-in. 

Is there a way to use local storage for the Check-in Portal?  

No, but you could, in an emergency, have the Organizer App with all the data downloaded as a back-up, then switch to use this to scan people in if needed.