What's New in the February 2021 OnAIR Feature Pack

OnAIR 4 February 2021 Feature Pack 

February 2021 Preview Video

Work Around for Critical Issue with the Latest Version of Chrome (Build 88) and Edge

 The most recent Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge update has a bug that causes videos played in AIRCast Studio and Live Host broadcasts in OnAIR to not be viewable by attendees. After investigating this issue and identifying it as an issue with Chrome and Edge, we have implemented some work around code to ensure videos will play correctly and avoid the issue in Chrome and Edge. Once you receive the Feature Pack on Wednesday, you will not experience this issue.

 If you have an event before Wednesday this week, please let our support team know and they will provide guidance on how to have your AIRCast Hosts roll back Chrome and Edge to the previous version or offer you access to the Preview Release of the Feature Pack (available now).

Meeting Hub Enhancements

Indicator for Online Attendees

You are now able to view a badge indicating when an attendee is logged in and online. Online attendees will have a green indicator on their profile picture.

You can also use the Online Now toggle at the top to display only attendees that are currently logged in.

Multiple Attendee Types on Virtual Badges

If an attendee has more than one registration category (such as exhibitor/sponsor or presenter/staff), all associated registration category labels appear on their virtual name badge.

You can also choose to hide any category label by selecting labels to hide in the OnAIR Portal settings.

Sponsor Link to Exhibition Stand

 If you have sponsors who are also exhibitors, then the sponsor logos for sessions and functions will display a hover link direct to their stand in the virtual exhibition.

This link is visible on the description panel for the session or function, and the Virtual Exhibition link appears when the attendee hovers over the logo. The link will be accessible when the virtual exhibition is open to visit, and whether the sponsor has someone at the stand ready for a live stand visit.

It is useful to note that you only need link the contact record that has an exhibitor booth to the Session or Function Setup via the Sponsor Tab and that a sponsorship module record is not required for this feature.

Single Device Login

 OnAIR will now support Single Device Login. Whenever a user logs into OnAIR a second time from a different device, they will be automatically logged out of the first instance.

This option can be enabled in the OnAIR Portal Settings. There is a new check box that lets you Enable Single Device Login.

Additional Enhancements Included in the OnAIR 4 Feature Pack

 Abstract Submissions with Co-Authors

When an abstract is submitted that includes a co-author, a new contact record can automatically be created. This option is enabled in the Setup Panel in Presentation Preferences.

Additional Performance Improvements

Our development team is continuously monitoring and testing OnAIR and making numerous improvements throughout the platform.