OnAIR Advanced Functionality - Live Support for Attendees

Live Support for Attendees

Live Support is a service you can offer to your virtual attendees by providing technical content or other support throughout your OnAIR program.

Configuring Live Support

You can configure Live Support in the OnAIR Portal Settings: 

  • Enable Live Support – select this option to enable Live Support in OnAIR
  • Live Support Team Email Addresses – enter the email address for each person assigned to staff Live Support during your OnAIR program
  • Additional Info Merge Doc - choose the Merge Doc that contains additional information about the attendee the support agent is speaking with. This is set up in Merge Docs, typically without a header and you simply merge in content from the Attendee Contact Record
  • Live Support Welcome Text – enter the welcome message you want each virtual attendee to see when they fill out a support ticket
  • Live Stream Platform for Video Call – typically, you would choose your organization’s Twilio account here