Onsite Check-In & Management Apps/Portals

The following apps and portals are used as part of onsite event management. Read more about them in this guide.
* Access Control App - scans and grants access based on pre-set criteria
* Bulk Check-In App - check in many attendees at once
* Collection App - keep track of who's collected items
* Onsite Portal - give your onsite team access to various check-in tools
* Self Check-In Kiosk - lets attendees quickly check themselves in


Access Control App
The Access Control App lets you can scan attendees and verify access privileges.  It can also be used in offline mode.  Read more about using the Access Control App in this article . Overview This app uses large ...
Bulk Check-In App
The Bulk Check-In App lets you select attendees for either bulk event check-in or selected function bulk check-in. You can also see real-time statistics on checked-in and not checked-in numbers for either the event itself or s...
Collection App
The Collection App makes it easy to allow attendees to collect items such as a Registration Pack (e.g. a bag containing event information, itinerary, and gift items from sponsors and exhibitors). You can also record when items...
Onsite Portal
The Onsite Portal allows your onsite team (including temporary staff) to perform various tasks without needing full access to EventsAir. Logged in users can see and edit basic Attendee information, check-in attendees, register new attende...
Self Check-In Kiosk
The Self Check-In Kiosk offers an easy and quick way for your attendees to check into your event, including automatic badge printing and other features.  When managing an onsite check in for an event or meeting, reducing wai...