3D Mode Settings (Optional) - OnAIR Portal

If you are using 3D Mode for your virtual event, these are the settings you will use to design the layout and design of your portal. Options include:

  • Enable 3D Mode - enabled in Event Preferences
  • Enable 3D Mode Scenes
    • Exterior/Sign In
    • Lobby
    • Auditorium Lobby
    • Auditorium (default)
    • Breakout Room (default)
    • Function Room (default)
    • Poster Lobby
    • Poster Presentation Room (default)
    • Exhibition Stand (default)
  • Allow Exhibitors to access 3D Builder - this option is useful if you are allowing all or specific exhibitors to modify the default stand or upload their own custom stand design

3D Builder Access

Choose the EventsAir user or users that will be given access to the 3D Builder.