Exhibition module (setup)

Note: Depending on your organization and license, the features described here may or may not be available to you within EventsAir.

For a detailed guide to setting up and managing Exhibitions, please read this article.

Exhibition - Preferences

Exhibition Preferences is where you choose which optional fields and tabs will be available in this module (and in some cases, on apps/portals). 

You can also create an exhibitor payment schedule, cancelation fees etc.

Preferences - Details tab

Add details as needed, or check the box to enable these areas within EventsAir. 

  • Net Target Revenue - set a target for Exhibition sales to help you budget.
  • Measurement System - Metric or US (Imperial).
  • Optional Fields
    • Stand Signage - if you're going to allow this as an option. 
    • Signage Instructions - if you'll give these to exhibitors.
    • Position Preference - lets exhibitors state their preferred stand site.
    • Company Logo - allows the upload of a company logo (you also set dimensions in pixels).
    • Allow booking without stand number - this makes Stand Type visible in the Exhibition module within an attendee record.  This lets you manually enter a booking even without a stand number (which can be added later), as long as you specify a stand type.
  • Optional Tabs
    • Name Badges - additional names for name badges can be submitted.
    • Profile - a short company profile can be added.
    • Additional Charges - extra charges (insurance, decor, lead retrieval equipment, etc) can be offered.
    • Checklist - Exhibitor To-Do items.
    • Documents - you can collect exhibitor documents
    • Payment Schedule - define your exhibitor Payment Schedule, which will include:
    • Brochures - either a link to the document, or uploaded directly.

Preferences - Advanced tab

  • Valid Payment Status - the default payment statuses are Purchase, Inclusive, Complimentary, and Canceled. You can also enable additional payment statuses, such as:
    • No Charge
    • Own Expense
    • Invited
    • Not Attending
    • Not Required
    • Deposit
    • Charge to Another Contact
    • Split Charge
    • Waitlist Purchase
    • Waitlist No Payment Required
  • Invoice Group - if you've defined these in Financial Settings, you can select one here.
  • Credit Hours/Points - if you've set up continuing education credits for this exhibition, you can assign points or hours here.
  • Income Account - point exhibitor booth revenue to a specific Income Account code.
  • Tax - if you've set up a suitable tax in Event Setup (Financial), you can add it here.
  • Cancelation Fee and Tax - If you are setting a default cancelation fee (with applicable tax) you can define that fee here.

Floor Plan 

Design an Interactive Floor Plan to publish online so exhibitors can review the exhibition hall floor and choose and purchase their booth.

You can read more about setting up the Floor Plan, adding it to Exhibition Portal App, and using the Exhibition Stand Allocation Express Action in other articles on this help site. 

You should create your Floor Plan after you've created Stand Types.

Stand Type

Stand Type is where you define stand (booth) categories (size, purpose, price) etc.

Settings found in Stand Type setup include:

  • Stand Type - name
  • Default Width 
  • Default Depth 
  • Default Area
  • Default Height
  • Default Space Only Amount - if you're just selling the space
  • Default Standard Amount - if you're also offering extras as standard
  • Available, Reserved and Confirmed Colors (for the floor plan)
  • Include Package - You can create a package in Advanced Setup (in the Setup Panel of your event) and add it to a stand type.
  • Number of Complimentary Registrations - read more in this article. 
  • Rank - determines the order for the Attendee App and in Event Website / Info Websites.
  • Rank Heading -  text for each rank heading

Meeting Matching options

Read more about Meeting Matching in this article.

OnAIR tab

If you want to include virtual Exhibition hours and other features.

Stand Number

You can further define specific details for every space/booth/stand at your event. Depending on whether you're just selling space or including added extras, you'll define the following here: 

  • Stand number - e.g. row and number or a code.
  • Width - for this stand (meters or feet set in preferences).
  • Depth - for this stand (meters or feet set in preferences).
  • Area - area is auto-calculated from Width and Depth, but can be manually entered for unusual areas (meters or feet set in preferences).
  • Height - for this stand (meters or feet set in preferences).
  • Open Sides - list the number of open sides here. Depending on the booth location, a booth can have 1, 2, 3 or 4 open sides.
  • Space Only Amount - if applicable
  • Standard Amount -if applicable

Additional charges

You can define other items or services such as insurance, decoration, hospitality, lead management, power etc. and their price.

Type - you also select either:

  • Checkbox (simply selecting the charge).
  • Quantity (indicating how many of that item they wish to purchase).


Add the name of the checklist item, whether it's required by default, and the default due date for delivery. This will appear on your Exhibitor portal.


Define your document types so that you'll have the correct fields and upload options on your Exhibitor portal.

Brochure and document categories are used to categorize multiple brochures and documents that exhibitors may provide to attendees. 

Virtual Exhibition Hours

You can set the dates and times that your virtual exhibition is open and available to attendees via the OnAIR portal and Attendee App. 

NOTE: If you change a time slot, select Update Time Slot to save it, and always Save your schedules.

Suggested Lead Management Questions

You can create one or more lead management questions to give exhibitors for use at their live and virtual stands. Read more about setting up Exhibitions including Lead Management.

Options available include:

  • Question - enter your question here
  • Response Type - Choose from these response types:
    • Comment Box
    • Date
    • Multiple Choice (one answer)
    • Multiple Choice (one or more answers)
    • Number
    • Ratings 1-5
    • Single  Text Box
    • True / False
    • Yes / No
  • Mandatory - visitors have to answer [Exhibitors can override this.]
  • Do Not Allow Exhibitor to Remove - prevents exhibitors from excluding this question
  • Automatically Add to Exhibitor Portal - adds this question to each exhibitors list of lead management questions