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In addition to your Attendee App and Organizer App, you can use the EventsAir App Store to create many other useful portals and apps. These may be created as standard, or you can ask our designers or third party developers to create specialized portals and interfaces to help you. At the end of this article is a list of all available Apps and Portals and links to find more information about each one.

Please note: Information about the OnAIR Portal is in this separate section all about OnAIR.

Creating an App or Portal

All of these apps/portals are created the same way. Go to the Online Panel, and under the section marked APP STORE, select "New". 

Find the App or Portal you want to install and press the "Add App" button.

You'll need enter the following information:

  • App Name - you can use the standard name for the app or portal, or overwrite the default name here.
  • Alias - enter the short URL name for your app.
  • Brand - select a brand (you would have already defined this in the Brand Editor).
  • Clone From - if you like, you can clone your app from one you've already created (either in this event, or another event). Select the event and the drop-down will display all apps/portals of the same type from that event. Choose the one you want to copy.
  • Analytics View - enter your Google Analytics account information here

Finally, press the Install button.

Once you create your app or portal, you can edit the details and settings. 

Each app/portal is different, so use the links at the end of this article to read more about each one.

However, some details are important for all apps/portals - see below.

Live Dates and Messages

Pay particular attention to your app live dates, and any messages you want to appear before and after these dates.

See a typical example below. 

Under the Details Tab, you'll also see:

  • Copy URL and Copy QR Code - you can copy these general links to your clipboard. In many cases, you may prefer to send out personalized Auto-Login tokens. 
  • You can come back here later to change the brand, live dates and messaging.
  • Authentication - for some apps/portals, there's a Filter to select which groups of Attendees can access this feature; some apps have a "Users" tab where you create usernames and passwords.


Changing the wording in the app/portal

Changes made to the default language in Application Settings will affect all events. However, you can still make unique local changes for each portal in each event in the Portal Setup. Read more about Localization.

Other settings and features may also be available through Settings and/or Content tabs within each app/portal.

Uninstalling an App or Portal

To uninstall an App or Portal, go back to the Online Panel, select the App or Portal, and under the Details tab, choose Uninstall. 

Creating multiple versions of an App or Portal

In many cases, it's possible to create (using the cloning feature) separate versions of your apps/portals - for example, alternate language versions that link to different registration sites. If you do this, be careful to select an appropriate name and alias (URL) for the app/portal. 

Available Apps and Portals

The below are offered as standard, accessed from the Online panel:

Presentation and Speaker Management Apps/Portals

  • Abstract Workflow App - see, manage and structure all presentations submitted to your conference via your abstract submission process.
  • Presentation Portal - allow your prospective speakers submit abstracts and papers for your conference.
  • Reviewer Portal - allow presentation reviewers to track and update their reviews and rankings of submitted presentations.

Live Sessions and Presentations Apps/Portals

Exhibitor and Sponsor Apps/Portals

  • Exhibition Portal/App - let exhibitors book their stands online and submit details for name badge names, company profile, logos and more.
  • Sponsorship Portal/App - interactive site for purchasing sponsorships and extra sponsorship items, managing payments and letting sponsors upload logos, profiles and other required deliverables.

Onsite Check-In and Management Apps/Portals

  • Access Control App - a dedicated app to scan or check in attendees for events, both onsite and offsite, giving the ability to grant access based on Registration Type or Function Registration. Can be used without an internet connection for offsite events.
  • Bulk Check-In App - a dedicated app to see which attendees have not checked in to your event, and check them in via a bulk action.
  • Collection App - track when your attendees collect their conference bags at your event.
  • Onsite Portal - check in attendees, scan QR codes and print name badges quickly and easily onsite, such as at a staffed check-in desk for your conference or event. Portal access can be set up for extra staff who aren't EventsAir users.
  • Self Check In Kiosk - allows attendees to register themselves at an event. Attendees scan the QR code or bar code on their confirmation email, or type in their details. Upon successful check in, name badges are printed instantly.

For more information, read this article about Preparing to Go Onsite.

General Attendee Management Apps/Portals

  • Event Info Site - a simple, pre-configured website for your event that can include automatically generated content, such as the event agenda, and also custom-written content.
  • Hotel Room Availability App -  allows organizers of large events with multiple hotel rooms to easily see room availability across multiple properties, and email the information to interested groups of attendees.
  • Photo Review App - allows organizers to review submitted contact photos, accept or request new photos, and crop photos to a consistent size. The Photo Review App works in tandem with Photo Statuses available in Attendee Photo Management.
  • Function Table Allocation App - used during a function to see a list of all function attendees, including which table they're assigned to, and easily change table assignments as needed; or to add late registrations (without a table assignment) to an available table.

Group Management Apps/Portals

  • Group Registration App - allows a group coordinator to log in, provide their group members' registration details, and manage confirmations, payments and invoices.
  • Group Accommodation Portal - lets authorized group coordinators assign and review room assignments within a specific group room block. Coordinators can import group lists and review overall details about their group block.
  • Group Allocation Portal - Allows Group Contacts to manage group inventory and register additional group members.

For more information, read this article about Group Management in EventsAir.

Client and Vendor Portals

  • Client Information Portal - give your clients secure access to customized reports, quick exports and an attendee search.
  • Hotel Portal - lets authorized hotel vendors view information, import rooming lists and view reports for their property.
  • Dietary Requirements Portal - can be used to give your venues and caterers real-time access to Dietary Requirements for your event. You can define different portals for different vendors to ensure they only see the data appropriate to their catering tasks.

Continuing Education and Membership Apps/Portals

  • CE Portal - lets students to search for CE courses, register, pay, and track scores and credits.
  • CE Instructors Portal - lets instructors to review their class assignments, student rosters, and enter grades.
  • Membership Portal - works with the Membership Module for managing associations and not-for-profit organizations.

Meeting Matching Apps/Portals

  • Pre-Scheduled Meeting Preference App - lets exhibitors and attendees search for exhibitors/attendees they want to request meetings with. These requests are called Preferences, and are assigned as Platinum (top priority), Gold (second priority) or Standard Preferences. Once collected, they are assembled into Diaries (schedules) for all parties and displayed in the Meeting Diary App.
  • Meeting Diary App - lets exhibitors and attendees see the meeting diaries (schedules) that were created by the Meeting Matching service.

Social Media and Gamification Apps/Portals

For more information, read these articles about EventStream Manager and Gamification with EventStream Engage.