What's New in EventsAir 10

Sixth Generation Platform Released

EventsAir 10 will be published in a new browser platform while retaining full functionality and interface design with EventsAir 8.0. The new EventsAir 10 will be built on cutting-edge architecture that will improve speed and performance across all panels and retain full compatibility with all custom reports, portals and all functionality found in EventsAir 8.0.

  • Same content and functionality with a seamless transition to the new platform
  • Fully responsive design that will work on any tablet or computer
  • Improved efficiency with use of concurrent tabs and zoom controls via your browser
  • Put in your logo for your private branding and new style and design settings

Full Compatibility with Your Current Version of EventsAir

EventsAir 10 will be published both as a web app as well as the current cloud app that you currently use. You are able to access either format and all data seamlessly appears in both versions.

Starting with EventsAir 10.1 only the web app will be available.