Bulk Check-In App

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The Bulk Check-In App lets you select attendees for either bulk event check-in or selected function bulk check-in. You can also see real-time statistics on checked-in and not checked-in numbers for either the event itself or specific functions.

Setting up the Bulk Check-In App

The following options are configured in the Bulk Check-In App setup panels.


As for all apps/portals, you need to set up a name, Alias (URL), brand, live dates, and messaging for before and after the app is live. Read this article for more information. 


Changing the wording in the app/portal

Changes made to the default language in Application Settings will affect all events. However, you can still make unique local changes for each portal in each event in the Portal Setup. Read more about Localization.

Content Section


Enter any custom text in the HTML editor here. This welcome text appears on the Home Page of the Bulk Check-In App.


Enter any custom text in the HTML editor here. This text appears on the Search Page of the Bulk Check-In App.


Enter any custom text in the HTML editor here. This text appears on the Info Page of the Bulk Check-In App.

Users Tab

In this tab, you set up who's allowed to access the app or portal. To add a new user, click the plus sign next to App Users, and complete the fields below. When you've finished adding users, press Save.

Note: You must set up Users here before anyone can use this app or portal. 

Click on App Users to create a new user, then fill in the following:

  • Email Address
  • Password
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Organization
  • User Type - (Leave as Basic - the default. No other user types for this app.)
  • User Level - (Leave as Standard - the default.)
  • Is Disabled - check this to disable the account, so the user cannot sign in.
  • Last Logon - shows the date and time this user last signed in.

Using the Bulk Check-In App

Using the Bulk Check-In App is straight forward. Once you open and log in to the app, you are presented with two options:

  • Start Event Check In
  • Select Session/Function

Based on which option you choose, you can search for all attendees who are registered to your overall event or registered for the selected function. You can search for specific attendees, or enter the first few letters of the attendee's name, organization or email address.

Options on the Check-In screen include:

  • Show number of entries - you can choose how many search results are displayed on the screen, ranging from 10 to 100.
  • Show Checked In records - checking this box will display contact records that are both checked in and not checked in.
  • Show Scanned In and/or Scanned Out Records - when checking in to a session, you can see contact records that are already scanned in or scanned out of the session.

The Info tab

The Info Tab will display a snapshot of data for the event. Information on this page will include:

  • Event time, date and location
  • Overview description
  • Available fee types
  • Attendee data, including allocated, waitlisted, canceled, checked-in and not checked-in (for function check-in)
  • Scanned in and scanned out data (for session check-in and check-out)
Note: The information displayed on the Info Tab changes, depending on whether the attendees are being checked in for an event, function, or session.