Interpretation Volume Control

When an attendee is viewing a broadcast with one or more Interpretation Channels, they will see two types of volume controls:

  • Primary Audio Track
  • One or more Interpretation Channels

Primary Audio Track Control

Broadcast Audio is shown as an orange volume control with a 100% indicator on the right. This means that the main audio track is playing at 100 percent volume.


By clicking on the 100% indicator on the right, you can toggle the volume to 20 percent, which is ideal if you are also listening to an Interpretation Channel at the same time. This lets you hear the Interpretation at whatever level you choose and the primary audio track plays software in the background.

Interpretation Channels

When you are offering Interpretation Services, your attendees will see an Interpretation Channel for each language offered (example below is French and Spanish Interpretation)

Selecting Spanish, for example will expand the Spanish channel, letting the attendee hear the Spanish language interpretation. A volume control for this channel is also displayed.

This process works for every selected Interpretation Channel.