What's New in EventsAir 4.2

Expanded Event Selection

Many clients are using EventsAir to run a large number of programs, and the Event Filter is a great way to stay organized.

When you are selecting an event from the Event Selection screen, you can filter on additional items, such as Event Name, Event Date, and Event Year.

You can also filter on other filter selections, such as event start/end dates, event groups, city, state, country and unique codes. You can even search for custom fields that you have assigned to a specific event. 

Links Widget

The Links Widget can be added to your dashboard and provides a centralized listing of all Interactive Sites, Portals and Apps for the selected events.

You can click on a link to open the site, or copy the link URL by clicking on the save icon to the right of each link.

A green dot indicates that the event or portal is live and available to your attendees.

Renaming Agenda Tracks

Agenda tracks can be renamed as you require. Clicking on the Track Name in the Agenda Builder lets you rename the track as well as set the background color and bolding if needed.

Attendee Tools

There's a new quick button in the Attendee Panel - Attendee Tools! Like Express Actions, Attendee Tools are utilities and tools that help you manage attendee details in different ways. Additional tools will be added from time to time. Please see below for details on each of these three tools.

Online Activity Log

In Attendee Tools, the Online Activity Log lets you view all online activity that the selected contact has engaged in.

The log will show date, time, site details, IP address (if available) and type of online activity.

Common activity types will be Login and Submit.

Replace Attendee

Also in Attendee Tools is the Replace Attendee tool.

This tool makes it very easy to replace one attendee with another simply by filling in the required details and clicking on Replace.

All details and payments are now associated with the new attendee and the old attendee details are saved in a canceled record so it doesn't get reported on in the current event.

Site Auto Login

The third new Attendee Tool is Site Auto Login.

Here, you can view all active and closed sites associated with your event. Clicking on or copying the link will open the site or portal, using the Auto Login Token associated with this client. 

This is very useful so you can check exactly what your attendee sees when they login, and update records specific to the attendee as well.

Event Check In Alerts

It's very useful for meeting organizers to be alerted when a VIP or other special attendee type has checked in to the conference or event.

At the bottom on each Contact record, you can set an alert to be sent when the specific attendee checks in.

You are also able to define Check In Alerts for a registration type, such as VIP Registration or Speaker Registration. Both types of Check In Alerts can be used at the same time.

These are extremely effective onsite when you are using the Mobile Organizer App, which displays real-time alerts during your event. 

Searching with Check In Filters

You can search EventsAir on Check In status. You can select All, Checked In or Not Checked In as well as a Check-In date range as your filter.

Communications Tags

Whenever you send an email to a group of attendees, it can be extremely useful to categorize a specific email group or campaign.

With Communication Tags, you can enter any phrase to categorize a specific email campaign you've sent. Then, you are able to search and filter on any specific campaign at a later time. 

Project and Run Sheet Import

Projects and Run Sheets can take a lot of time to build, and if it already exists in a spreadsheet, it can be a real time saver to simply import the details into EventsAir. 

With the Import utility, you can take any spreadsheet that contains the data you want to import into your tasks, and the import tool will help you match up your fields to the correct fields in your Project or Run Sheet.

Project Email Reminders

When you turn on this feature, your team members will receive an email reminder 24 hours before a Project Task is due to begin, and 24 hours before a Project Task is due for completion.

Fix Navigation Button

This option is located in the Custom Style tab of the Brand Editor. 

When selected, it will move the Next or Previous button in an Interactive Site directly under the form above it, instead of spacing it near the bottom of the page.

If you have short forms, this will avoid the large blank area on the page before finding the Next Button.

Travel Import via GDS Express Action

The Process GDS Data Express Action lets you download an Excel template that you can use to manually import travel details. This is useful in cases where you may be booking travel on behalf of your clients but you are not using a GDS system such as Sabre, Galileo or Apollo.

You simply download the template, fill in the required details and import. Just like the regular import process, you are able review and approve one record at a time or in a bulk action. 

Import Link to Group or Package 

When importing a list of contacts, you are now able to link a specific group or a pre-defined package during the import process.

This is a useful feature if you import contact records and want to automatically place them in a specific group or assign a package in one action. Remember, a package can contain several items, such as a registration type, multiple functions, hotel rooms, notes and more. Upon import, all package items will be assigned to each imported record.

Quick Export Web URL

Quick Export allows you to get a web URL, just like a Quick Report, to publish an export online. You can share this URL with an authorized party, who can retrieve a spreadsheet export simply by opening the URL in a web browser.

You can also publish these Quick Exports to the Client Info Site, which is a portal where you can provide Quick Reports, Contact Record Access, and now Quick Exports. 

Event Alerts to Email and Text

Alerts are a powerful tool to stay ahead of issues and challenges before they escalate and become difficult to manage. However, there are times you are not near a computer, and you may want to be alerted by email or text message some circumstances.

For example, you may set a Critical Alert if hotel room inventory falls below 10 percent, or a High Alert if a sponsor registers to attend your event. You can define these alerts for any situation you may encounter, and you can choose to send these alerts to you or a designated manager by email or text message (you will need to have arranged for a text message gateway service and set up that service in EventsAir). 

Additional Tools and Enhancements

Version 4.2 of EventsAir provides a long list of enhancements and new features, not all of which can be presented in detail in this newsletter. The following items are also included in EventsAir. You can find additional information in the online help system and by contacting your support team.

Group Inventory

We've enhanced group management with the capability of assigning group contacts and providing a way to assign inventory items for registrations, accommodation and functions. These inventory items can easily be assigned to new group members as they are registered in EventsAir.

Meeting Matching

This powerful functionality provides a detailed process for appointment setting (Meeting Matching) between attendees and exhibitors. Each group can request meeting preferences and then you are able to build schedules of meetings for all participants. 

Hotel Room Availability App

This app allows organizers of large events with multiple hotel rooms to easily view room availability across multiple properties and email the information to interested groups of attendees.


Over the next few releases, additional multi-lingual functionality is being added to portals within the app store.

Travel Enhancements

Based on conversations with our clients, we have added many additional enhancements to the Travel Module.

Tax Invoice Breakdown Option

You now have an additional option to break down tax items on individual items on invoices (useful in many regions around the globe).

CE Contact Store

Continuing Education clients are now able to operate their CE class registration directly from a Contact Store and still link to external meetings.