November Webinar 2023 - Making a splash with your Event Website


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These questions have been collated from the 3 regional webinars. Some questions were asked by more than one person, so you may not see the exact same wording you used in your question. Also we can only answer in general terms, so bear in mind your specific situation may need a different solution.

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Advanced Tab settings

 How do I make only presentations where the Paper Status is “Accepted” show in the Presenters module?

This is where you need to look carefully at the paper status settings for the site to make sure you’re only including the ones you want to – and you ARE showing the ones you want to. So when you drag in that Presenters module from the EventsAir content block, check under the Advanced Tab that your settings are how you want them.

It may not have been clear in the webinar: the Agenda list isn’t related to the paper status settings. So it will list all your sessions, breaks etc UNLESS you tick the box that says “Do not publish to Event Website & Portals” inside the Session itself.


How many tracks/parallel sessions can be displayed next to each other?

You can have up to 99 tracks in your Agenda! We’ve seen up to 12, and if you drag that onto a site, it’ll only show the first 4 and then there’s a scroll bar. 

If you have more than 10 tracks, we may be able to get Quoted Services to help you with code to create a ‘zoomed out’ view of the agenda. Sometimes your Support Agent can help with this but not always so please contact if you have more questions about this.  

 How can you have your agenda show 2 parallel sessions, when the second one starts with an opening speech?

You can do this in two ways:

-    In Track 2, create new session block of 5 minutes or so, and add an opening speech.


-    In the Session overview, give that information “there will be a short 5-minute opening speech”. This might look better. 

 Where can we get the code shown in the webinar to pretty up the Agenda?

This is just some very specific code in case you want your website to look different to how your agenda is displayed elsewhere. Email for more information. 


 How do we add the same header and footer we’re using on the registration site?

Your registration site header and footer are part of your Brand Setup (in Setup panel). So you could just add the same images to your event website header and footer, provided they’re the same width. You may have to created extended (wider and shorter) versions of the header and footer for your event website to match the required dimensions.

 Are there header image specs? (Sometimes images are being cropped)

See the link above to image sizes documents - it will also depend on the resolution and whether or not you change the height or placement.


 Can you explain more about the "Event website" folder in AirDrive?

Some folders are exclusively meant for upload through intended methods, such as uploading attendee pictures, or presentation documents. There’s more information here.

 What is the max. size of a video to be uploaded to a website?

AirDrive has a maximum of 5MB upload per file. Larger video can be edited and resized using a video editing program, or you can host the video on YouTube or Vimeo and link to that.

 When would you use the higher opacity on a video?  

There’s a black overlay that just tones down the video a bit to make it not quite as bright. You can adjust it if you need to.


 Do anchors work for page items that aren't a hyperlink? e.g. how do you create an anchor to a heading on a page?

Yes, sorry we didn’t cover that fully! You need to first add an ID to the point where you want the user to end up when they click on something). 

Let’s say you want them to click on the words “See our venue” and be taken to the venue details.

Go into the HTML for the venue details element and add the code below, where the red text is your anchor name:

<div id=”venueInfo”> </div>

Highlight the words “See our venue” and select the hyperlink icon on the toolbar. The link will be the full URL of the page you want to go to, with #venueInfo added on the end. For example:

You can use this to hyperlink images as well (in a similar way to how we did it in the webinar, with a button). Highlight the image and use the link icon.

 How did you create the footer that is "active" and "moving"?

It’s one of the existing styles – under “Custom”. It’s a footer with default animation says “We build cool websites/Apps” etc. It’s an animation script with some styling on it.  It does require you to change and edit a script, not just HTML and that if you’re not sure what you're doing, get assistance from a developer.

 Can you set up brand rules that for example all buttons look the same (use the same formatting)?

Can you set up brand rules that for example all buttons look the same (use the same formatting)?

 Does EventsAir have a list of CSS Selectors or Div Classes for Event Sites?

No, because they’re different for different modules. You can use the Inspect element tool of most modern browsers to check the Div or class applied to a section, to then apply CSS style rules.

When you right-click and choose Inspect you can see the classes, but just be careful because it can change something else as well (if that class is referenced by another element). Do what you can but when it comes to CSS and styling, it can be very advanced. As we said in the webinar, although we try to assist as much possible, sometimes this is beyond the support we can provide.

 How do I hyperlink a phone number or email address so it can call or email?

You can search online to learn more about HTML code – for example, “what’s the HTML code for sending an email”. 

But this might be the full code and if you’re using the EventsAir website builder tool you just need to add the link itself. For example, if you’ve highlighted text that says “Email us” and use the “add link” icon in the toolbar, you can put this as the link   mailto:  with the actual email address  you want to send to replacing the example text.

If you looked later in the HTML code, you’d see: 

<a href = "mailto:">Email us</a>

But all you have to worry about when using the builder tool is the bit in bold.

To hyperlink a phone number it is very similar but instead of adding “mailto:” you will add “tel:” followed by your phone number. 

<a href=“tel:111-222-333”>

 Are we able to create drop down FAQ on our event websites?

Yes, but the code for this is a bit more complicated so we suggest either talking to a developer, asking our Quoted Services team, or look at how we do it on this page…ask a developer or our Quoted Services for more assistance.

 Can you import other fonts?

You can, but this is easiest if it’s a Google font and you can just get the embed code to paste into the Pre <HEAD> Code. Otherwise the font needs to be hosted somewhere (potentially in AirDrive). 

You may also you need some extra code to ensure your preferred font is going to override all other default fonts on the site. If you’re unsure how to do this, you can talk to your own web developer or our Quoted Services team (via your Account Manager). 

 Can we add a "register now' button to the navigation bar that redirects to the registration site?

It really all depends on what you’d prefer:

The simplest way: 

  1. Create a page called “Register Now” (or whatever)
  2. Add some type of ‘content’ the page - either any blank element, or an empty div in the HTML code  <div> </div> This will make the page appear in your navigation menu.
  3. Now go into the Advanced tab for that page, and under Override Default Page Settings, in the Pre </HEAD> Code, put a redirect to your registration site:
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=" />
  4. Make sure you include the https://
  5. Now anyone clicking on that menu tab will go straight to your registration page.

Also, if you’re willing to tinker a little, you could make your page link look a little more like a button using CSS.

Alternative method, clunky and isn’t device or screen responsive, but may be more what you want:

  • Create a header that’s a fake navigation menu. To do this, add a table and put text or buttons with your website’s page names, then hyperlink each of them to the correct pages.  You can style these to look like a navigation menu. Make one of them a hyperlink to your registration site. 
  • Then hide the actual navigation menu from every page so that only this ‘header’ shows. You could do this manually, but it’s faster to add the following in the Pre <HEAD> Code under the Advanced tab for the whole site: 

.navbar {

You may find it’s better just to put an actual registration button on each page. This also has the benefit of not being as jarring for users when they’re redirected to another site.

You could put it on a small header with the same color background as your navigation so it appears just under the navigation menu, and is more obviously a separate button.


 How did you quickly clear your cache - can you demonstrate?

We’ve linked to the FAQ but in Chrome, it’s right-click, choose Inspect, choose Application, look for the button in the right-hand panel that says “Clear Site Data”

 How do you envision the Miro board for sitemap collaboration being used?  

It can be really useful to get your different teams such as various people in your organization looking after Marketing, Registration, Exhibitions to all share information and discuss what your site will be like, what it needs to include, what’s mandatory, what’s optional. This helps save pain later! Here's the link to the Miro sitemap collaboration tool:

 What’s a tip for copying HTML if I want to duplicate a page or site?

You can just clone the whole site as the basis of your new website, and change what’s needed.

You may also be able to open EventsAir in multiple browser tabs which makes copying and pasting a lot easier (whether that’s code or just actual text/wording). But be careful doing this because it can log you out. 

 Is it better to delete pages, or just make them "draft only"?

It’s really up to you. Once you mark them as Draft Only they won’t appear in a Preview or be Published. So if you’re definitely never going to use it, you may as well delete it. 

Draft Only is useful if you’re working on various pages in your site and you want some to publish live now and others later when you’ve finalized them. You can go ahead and save and publish without adding the pages that aren’t finished yet. 

 How responsive are the EA websites to screen variations like tablets & smartphones?

The new templates are all fully responsive but aren’t designed to pull in a dynamic agenda or other EventsAir content. For other websites you create using the builder tool, if you set up elements in the center and keep widths of images and elements under about 800, everything should resize reasonably and the menu will also become a hamburger icon. 

You can test this by right-clicking, choosing Inspect, and the little computer + phone icon at the top left, just next to Elements  

This will toggle on the devices toolbar and you can choose from range of different sizes - you may need to refresh the page to get an accurate screen size. You can also select Edit at the end of the list to add other sizes: 

 How do we find out who is our account manager to ask about the new templates?

Ask your Success Specialist (who organized your EventsAir training/onboarding) or talk to your EventsAir admin.