Attendee Audit Trail and Receipts

An Audit Trail is a detailed listing of all attendee payment transactions, including items invoiced for, payments received, cancelations and refunds. This is crucial for post-event auditing, which many organizations will routinely do as a security measure.

EventsAir tracks and creates a detailed Audit Trail for every transaction you enter. 

To see the Audit Trail for a specific attendee:

  1. Locate the Attendee Record that has payments associated with it.
  2. Select the Financials Quick Action button.
  3. Click on the Audit Trail Tab.
  4. A detailed account of every transaction showing date and payment details is displayed.

To see a receipt:

  • You can see transactions listed by date and time in the Audit Trail, and click on each to see details. Receipt numbers are also indicated here.
  • The details of the receipt/credit note are shown below the main panel. Canceled items will show in red. 
  • To see multiple attendees' receipt details (or filter to see just the ones you want), go to the Reporting tab and look under Financial reports for "Receipt". Or, see a listed summary of an attendee's receipt details in the report called Attendee Payment Details List. 
  • You can also attach receipts to a Merge Doc in the same way you attach invoices, by dragging them into the Merge Doc builder.

Note: In the Global Reporting section (for all events), you can also review the Global Payments Report (which can also be printed or exported), which shows all Attendee Financial transactions.