Pinned Record Sharing

Why do you pin records?

Whenever you're working on an attendee's contact record, it will appear in the Recent list on the left side of the screen. However, you can also "pin" a record to the Pinned section, also on the left side. In any attendee record, just select the  icon next to the Attendee name, and it will be "pinned" to the Pinned list on the left side of the screen.

This allows you to work in a different contact record, and instantly return to your "pinned" record later.

What is Pinned Record Sharing?

EventsAir lets you see and work on the Pinned Record list from any other user on your team. If other members of your team are also working in the Attendee Panel and creating their own Pinned list, you can select and see any other user's list of pinned records, and interact with them as needed.

Why share Pinned Records?

In many cases, different team members may handle different tasks, and then other team members continue working with the same list of attendees. For example, if your colleague was reviewing records for following up payments, she could "Pin" each attendee record that needed further review before sending out payment reminders. Later, you could easily find her list of Pinned Records, review them, and decide whether they needed a follow up payment reminder. There are hundreds of potential scenarios like this for teams to share Pinned Records with each other.

Hover Cards

Whenever you hover your mouse over a Pinned Record, you'll see a Hover Card appear. This card displays key details about the contact, and you can enter a note which other users on your team can see.

Accessing shared Pinned Records

You can automatically see your pinned records at all times. To see your team's pinned records, just click on the Hamburger Icon (the 3 lines) to the right of "My Pins" and you'll be able to select which team mate's pinned records you want to look at.

Searching for Pinned Records

Throughout EventsAir, when using the search and filtering process, you can search for any other user's pinned records as well.