Attendee Photos

Photos attached to attendee (or contact) records are extremely useful for:

  • Identification and security
  • Social networking and messaging
  • Access control

With EventsAir's photo management tools, you can:

  • Import headshots or images in square or passport orientation
  • Use your webcam or mobile device to capture images
  • Crop images during the import process
  • Crop images at a later point, directly in the attendee record, or using the Photo Review App
  • Assign photo status for management of photo requests, acceptance, and more (see Photo Status Management below for more information)

Photo Import or Capture

You can import or capture images from many different locations, mobile apps, or portals:

  • Attendee Panel Contact Record (import only)
  • Interactive Sites
  • Attendee App
  • Organizer App
  • Onsite Check-In Portal (staffed desk)
  • Self Registration Kiosk

This means attendees or staff members can import image files or to capture a headshot using a webcam or phone/tablet camera.

Once an image is imported or captured, you can crop it to your event's default photo dimensions (square or passport).

Photo dimensions

You can pre-set the photo dimensions for a specific event:

  • Square (such as 600 pixels wide x 600 pixels high)
  • Passport (such as 600 pixels wide x 800 pixels high)

You can capture or import images in different sizes, and EventsAir will re-size at the same time you crop the image. Try NOT to import very small images (such as social media profile images) since these tend to be very small and will possibly become fuzzy during the resizing process.

Photo Status Management

If you need photos for a conference or event, it can be challenging to review and process photos that are of varying quality, and come from many different sources. With Photo Status Management, you can assign a status for all images submitted or captured into your event.

These statuses are:

  • Not Uploaded
  • Not Reviewed
  • Requested
  • Accepted
  • Replacement Requested
  • Not Required

Statuses can be applied one record at a time, or in bulk using the Photo Review App. You are also able to search on different statuses for specific review and reporting functions.