What's New in EventsAir 7.2

Interactive Site Styles

With Version 7.2, you will have several different styles that you can apply to Interactive Sites. In addition to our classic (original) layout, you can new select from two new layouts. Both are dual column and have updated field designs, but will have slightly different aesthetics and design elements.

Live Streaming Integration

You can now extend the presence of your events and meetings to include Live Streaming, creating a live stream experience for one or more presentations at your events.

Utilizing Live Streaming and your licensed webinar/live stream platform (currently Zoom is supported), you can choose to live stream any presentation to an external audience.

Utilizing a new attendee type called virtual attendee, you can choose to market your live stream option to remote attendees or let your regular attendees take advantage of live streaming while attending your event.

Your presenters and staff can manage all aspects of the Live Stream process directly within EventsAir, utilizing a new Live Stream Portal.

Function Guests Saved as New Contact Records

EventsAir now offers a new, third way to manage function guests - when a guest is registered for a function (such as a dinner or tour), you have the option to automatically create a new contact record and link that guest to the main attendee. 

This is in addition to existing options of not collecting guest name details or collecting guest details and saving them in the main attendee's contact record. Part of this new functionality is the guest linking through a new payment type called "Guest Of."

Organizer App Themes

Just like themes and styles in the Attendee App, you are now able to assign and customize themes in the Organizer App.

Organizer App Themes provide a library of preset designs that control the look and feel of your App.

The themes include the current style found in prior versions of the Organizer App, along with new designs that offer fresh new designs, layouts and navigation design.

Another new option in Version 7.2 is the inclusion of Google Fonts to use with the Organizer App. We have added over 500 of Google’s most popular fonts.

Real Time E-Commerce Refunds (in EventsAir)

You are now able to process real-time credit card refunds directly within EventsAir. This process is done through the Financials section that is part of the Attendee Panel.

You would cancel relevant charges as you normally would, and when processing the refund, you would select "Process Refund via Gateway." Then, you search for an existing invoice that a related credit card charge was made against, and the refund is processed directly through the ecommerce gateway.

Almost all (there are a few exceptions) gateways will allow refunds in this fashion. There is also a new user setting to allow or not allow a specific user to process refunds in this fashion.

Group Allocation Portal

The new Group Allocation Portal is a powerful new tool for your group leaders to manage their group participants and perform tasks such as assigning group inventory such as registrations, functions, travel and accommodation.

Group leaders can also import and add new group participants within the portal, cancel group participants, generate communications and run relevant group reports.

Project Manager Interface Update

The Project Manager has been updated with three new interface designs along with additional enhancements to the layout and operation of the tool.

In additional to the "classic" layout currently in place in EventsAir, you can now view your projects in a grid, calendar and a card view.

Each layout offers unique and efficient ways of interacting with the project manager, and all views allow inline editing, where you can edit directly in the grid.

The exciting Card view of the Project Manager lets you view all tasks and subtasks in drag and drop cards, where you can organize them either by task status or by assigned Team Member.

Global Project Overview

The Project Overview tool islets you view all your project assignments across all events within a single window. This view lets you drill down to view tasks and sub tasks and all other relevant details such as status, team members, progress, start/end dates and more. 

You can edit all data inline within the grid, and you can filter your view to see all talks for all team members, or a subset of only your assigned tasks.

Additional Tools and Enhancements

Version 7.2 of EventsAir provides a long list of enhancements and new features, not all of which can be presented in detail. The following items are also included in this release of EventsAir. You can find additional information in the online help system and by contacting your support team.

Future Payments

Any item in EventsAir that charges a fee can also have a payment schedule assigned to it. Under this scenario, you can now enable future, or partial payments in an Interactive Site. This option will display a minimum amount due under the assigned payment schedule. Attendees can then choose to make an additional payment, whether the total amount due or a custom amount entered directly by  the attendee.

Sponsor Inclusion Management

When managing sponsor inclusions from the Attendee Panel, organizers now have additional data entry points to use, including a completed checkbox and additional notes as needed.

Run Sheet Update

The EventsAir Run Sheet has undergone a minor update to the layout of tool buttons, and you are now able to edit data directly inline within the grid. You can also directly view and edit custom fields added to your runsheet.

Add Contact Duplicate Check

If you are adding a new contact from the Attendee Panel, EventsAir will automatically check the database for duplicate entries, based on the last name. All matching entries are displayed, allowing you to select an existing record rather than creating a new duplicate record.

Auto Copy from Organization

If you are adding a new contact from the Attendee Panel, EventsAir will automatically display any record that matches the organization name you have entered. If one of the matching organizations has the correct address details you need, you can select that organization and EventsAir will copy across the organization name and address details into your new contact record.

Star Ratings Against Assigned Meetings

Within Meeting Matching attendees and exhibitors can now rate assigned meetings within the Meeting Diary. This option is a ratings scale of 1-5, and the details are displayed on several different Meeting Matching reports.

Multiple Invoice Layouts

You can now create multiple custom invoice layouts from within the Financial Setup panel. Each custom layout is associated with different invoice groups.

Additional Exhibitor Registrations

In certain cases, your client may wish to provide some complimentary event registrations as part of purchasing

Invoice Notes

For all items that would be displayed in an invoice (Registrations, Functions, Accommodation or Travel) you can now enter an Invoice Note. This note is displayed in the body of the generated invoice.

Updates to the Website Builder Tool

The tools and menus found in the website builder tool have been rearranged and organized for easier access and use. This includes the add new section, add new content and text format menus.

Restrict Presenter from Reviewing their Own Paper

EventsAir will automatically warn you if you try to assign a reviewer to review their own abstract submission.

New Data Validation Filters for Review and Affiliate Conflicts

There are two new data validation filters you can use to run reports to check on any reviewers with potential review conflicts (reviewing their own abstracts) or for reviewers with Affiliate conflicts.

Pay Per Abstract Function

You are now about to setup a required fee for anyone submitting a proposed abstract for review. You can designate a payment Interactive Site and assign a fee for the proposal submission.

Selection Filter in the Workflow App

For large speaker programs, some organizers may set up different Workflow Apps for different segments of the educational conference. Using Selection Filters, authorized management can open up different published versions of the Workflow App that are filtered to display specific themes, sub themes or presentation types.