Configuring your OnAIR Portal

The OnAIR Portal is the central hub where all virtual event programming takes place.

OnAIR provides your attendees, exhibitors and presenters with a single, simple to use platform allowing them to access a variety of virtual programming, such as presentations, one to one meetings, virtual poster sessions, virtual networking sessions, ad-hoc meetings between attendees and virtual exhibitions.

The OnAIR portal knows whether an exhibitor, presenter or attendee has logged in and provides the correct view of the timeline and other options appropriate to the attendee type who has logged in.

Configuring the OnAIR Portal Details Tab

  • App Name – enter the display name of the app here.
  • Alias - set the unique portion of the URL here.
  • Copy URL and Copy QR Code - click on the desired button to copy the URL or QR Code to your clipboard.
  • Brand - select your desired Brand, set up in the EventsAir Brand Editor.
  • App Live From & To Dates - choose the date range that users can access this portal.
  • App Pre-Open - define the Heading and Message shown to users who attempt to access this portal before it is live.
  • App Closed - define the Heading and Message shown to users who attempt to access this portal after it has closed.
  • Analytics View - enter your Google Analytics account information here.

Configuring the OnAIR Portal Localization Tab

All global Localization settings for Language are configured in Application Setup, Language. Open the App Store tab and select the App you are working with. Note that changes made in Application Setup will affect all events. 

However, you can still make unique local changes for each portal in each event, here in the Portal Setup.

  • Override App Default Language - tick to enable this feature.
  • Base Language - choose the language for this Portal.
  • Search - to speed up find a text string in the list, you can filter the list with the Search field.
  • Original - the original text string.
  • Language Override - enter the text for the Language you want. This will default to the setting from Language Setup for this app, but you can also change it here if you need a special text string unique to this portal.