What's New in EventsAir 6.0


A private social network for attendees to share photos, videos, comments and likes and view the social stream in app and on projected displays

Agenda Builder

The Interactive Agenda now allows drag and drop functionality for agenda items as well as sessions and presentations

Function Table Allocation

In the Attendee App, attendees can view and select tables at functions and invite other attendees to join them at the selected table

In App Purchases

Also in the Attendee App, attendees can view available function tickets and purchase them directly in the app

Online Session Sign Up

Attendees can view and sign up for sessions, concurrent sessions and agenda items in an Interactive Site

Site Submit Actions

When an attendee completes their Interactive Site, five different types of Site Submit Actions can be triggered based on filters. These actions are to send an email, send an email to a 3rd party, raise an Alert, add additional data or call an external API

Agenda Module

Agenda items can be inserted in Merge Docs and be searched and filtered

AIR Drive

A cloud storage facility for files, images and documents that are associated with contact records, and setup along with general files that need to be published on the web

Bulk Check-In App

Select functions, sessions or events and perform bulk check-in

Pinned Record Sharing

View and interact with pinned records created by other EventsAir users. Pinned records can also be searched and filtered

Data Validation Rules

Data Validation lets you select from a list of pre-defined data rules that cover a variety of common searching/filter situations