May Webinar 2023 - Making Gamification Work for your Event


These questions have been collated from the 3 regional webinars. Some questions were asked by more than one person, so you may not see the exact same wording you used in your question. Also we can only answer in general terms, so bear in mind your specific situation may need a different solution. 

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Where do I start?

Do you have some basics to get me started?

Badges vs coins

Can a badge be redeemed for a small item without setting up a coins/redemption desk system?

Adding/checking points

How do I bulk add engagement/gamification points?

How do I check an attendee's engagement/gamification points?

Goals related to exhibitor stands

How does the 'Exhibitor Scan Lead' goal work?

Can I give points for visiting a specific stand (or session), or report on which stands have been visited? 

How do I set up an exhibitor passport where attendees can see who they've visited?

Is there a limit to the number of location goals I can set up? 

Timing - Display and Active

How do you use timing functionality within a goal?

Leader boards and moderating posts (and photos)

How do I set up leader boards in gamification (EventStream)? 

How do I moderate posts?

Is there a way to moderate photos if they're uploaded via the attendee app?

Winning prizes

Can attendees win tickets to a function?

How do you set up a raffle (lottery-style) prize draw?

Reports and analytics

Is there a report in the back end we can download to view the Leader Board?

Support portal - email vs ticket

Can you give more detail about why it's better to submit a ticket than email support?