July 4th, 2023

July 4, 2023

Latest Education webinar - Understanding Reporting

  • So much interest in this webinar, with hundreds attending! Thank you everyone for your terrific questions.
  • Webinar recording and Q&A now available here
  • You can also read the new detailed guide all about reporting.

AirTime User Conference - Early Bird Registrations now open

  • We look forward to seeing you at airtime (previously called Rise) - in-person and virtual attendees both welcome! 
  • Register now at  https://airtime2023.com/ 

Video streaming services - client needs and preferences

Our super-quick video streaming survey can be completed here: https://forms.microsoft.com/r/Kkia4834cj

Here's a picture of the entire survey - just so you can see it's mostly multiple choice and can be completed in a minute or so. 

We really want to hear your thoughts!

Support Portal FAQs

  • We're continuing to add videos and text responses to our support portal, so please log in and take a look.

Big product news coming soon!

Stay tuned for an announcement mid-to-late July...

Knowledge Base (Help and education) articles updates

  • On this website (our Help and Education portal), we're rolling out a helpful new feature - a right-hand side table of contents that you can toggle on and off by clicking the arrow tab to the right of the article. This will be shown on longer articles to help you find what you need faster. 
  • See examples here and here, and on the new Reporting Overview - see link above under webinar recap.

More Fast Track improvements

Re-numbering of Stage 2 makes it easier to find and complete advanced/in-depth topics that are of interest to you.

July Webinar - AirWaves

We're now alternating each month between Education webinars and AirWaves webinars each month. Come along in July for company and industry news and updates! If you'd like to attend and you're not already on our webinar mailing list, please let us know by emailing: education@eventsair.com  

  • If you've missed a previous Education webinar (or any previous Education webinars), or you’d like to see the full Q&A from a previous webinar, please visit our Education Webinar Library,
  • Missed an AirWaves webinar? You can see highlights on our blog page.

Oh and also - Happy 4th of July to all our USA clients and colleagues!