Version 15.1 SP5 - June 4

The latest service pack includes improvements and bug fixes documented below.

For further information, please reach out to our support team here.

Public API changes - see notes below.


  • Video streaming: we’ve updated the CDN (Content Delivery Network) for live streamed video using RTMP stream(s) via AIRCast. Read more information here.
  • Refunds can can now be processed directly through EventsAir Pay.
  • System emails (e.g. password reset, new user) are now sent through separate SendGrid account, to improve reliability if there's an email outage.
  • Making a user inactive will now immediately log them out.
  • Improved look and feel of the ‘Verify New Email’ pop up.  
  • New version of the app to ensure smooth operation in upgraded Azure environment.
  • Replaced old CDN (Content Delivery Network) with new CDN for better video streaming performance.


Application Setup

  • Text messages failed because the default Sender field still appeared even after selecting Telstra Integrated Messaging as the SMS gateway. . [REF: EA-6377]
  • An E-commerce Gateway could be set up even if a required field (e-commerce reference) was left blank. [REF: EA-6302]

Event setup

  • Remote Attendee Mode was requesting authorization even though it's now a standard feature [REF: EA-6266]
  • Invoice templates - changes to an Invoice Group template were lost after 24 hours or when the user cleared their cache. (Issue didn’t affect the default template.) [REF: EA-6350]
  • Two timezones (Mid-Atlantic and Kamchatka) would have caused public API queries to fail if selected - these have now been deprecated.  [REF: EA-6362]
  • Cloned events weren't aligning correctly to subscription levels, and when premium modules were cloned into events on a lower subscription, they didn't work correctly. [REF: EA-3053]
  • A user couldn’t select an E-commerce Gateway if the gateway had been created before they were added to the system as a user.  [REF: EA-5512]


  • Group Inventory accommodation booked via a Group Accommodation Portal could be later reduced by an EventsAir user without a warning. This wouldn’t show on the Accommodation Matrix (but would show as over-allocated in the portal). [REF: EA-6322]

Accounting & Financials

  • When setting up a budget/accounts, if an income account was set up immediately above a heading, all other headings and income accounts below the heading were ignored. [REF: EA-6328]
  • When merging duplicate attendee records, if something on the second record was ‘charged to’ the first record, it couldn’t be canceled. [REF: EA-6346]


  • Function discount code inventory wasn’t being tracked in “All Inventory Alerts”;   clicking on the discount in the alert list opened a blank function. [REF: EA-6261]
  • Alerts in Communications - If the event time zone was UTC+9.30, alerts were incorrectly sending based on UTC +10. [REF: EA-5449]
  • Re-scheduled alerts were sending at the originally scheduled time as well as the new time (and will show the original headline if that was changed); deleted alerts were also still sending. [REF: EA-6155]

Attendee management

  • Searching/filtering based on function attendance wasn’t working if the function spanned multiple agenda tracks. [REF: EA-6325]
  • Meeting Matching - the two checkboxes "Allow …minutes after flight arrival/departure for meeting" were not visible, and were defaulting to 120 minutes (web application only). [REF: EA-6390]

Communications panel

  • Line breaks were missing in some Merge Doc email content. [REF: EA-6542]
  • “Add to Apple Wallet” card image was swapping color values (in Chrome & Safari). [REF: EA-6317]
    NOTE: If you created a workaround for this, you'll need to undo it.
    The “Export Prize Draw” feature was incorrectly producing a blank spreadsheet. [REF: EA-6214]
    The prize draw filter in EventStream Manager could only be edited once; no further edits worked. [REF: EA-6345]

Express Actions

  • Standard Export - (Functions) Table and chair numbers were incorrectly exported (first row would be repeated). [REF: EA-6339]
  • When saving either a Comprehensive or Standard Export as a Quick Export, the ”Include Cancellations” option wasn’t saving properly (would disappear when re-opened). [REF: EA-6430]

Group names 

  • On narrow screens, a long group name would overflow and be hidden behind contact info. [REF: EA-6219]

Online panel

    Plain text abstracts weren’t uploading correctly, because the firewall incorrectly flagged certain text elements as malicious code. [REF: EA-6311]

    Adding a question to the ’starred’ tab for questions wasn’t automatically updating in the OnAIR portal (Live Q&A) if there were two or more moderators. [REF: EA-6470]

    Upvotes on questions weren’t updated in the Live Q&A App, unless it was refreshed or the question was answered. [REF: EA-2643]

    If a session/function was added via the Attendee Panel, and Agenda wasn’t included in the Attendee App, widgets including Join Live Session/Join didn’t appear in My Agenda. [REF: EA-2970]

    - An adjustment made on an attendee record wasn’t showing on the payment page if the attendee logged in later (but only if the registration item wasn’t included in the site). [REF: EA-5509]
    - Registration sites weren’t recording dietary requirements unless they were enabled in both functions & contact components AND guest names were being recorded AND there was more than guest.  [REF: EA-4086]
    - A required field could be ‘filled out’ just by adding spaces. [REF: EA-3857]


If you're a developer using the EventsAir public API, you should check the Developer Portal for upcoming breaking changes and other improvements. This doesn't apply to customers with Smart Connector integrations, as these changes are already incorporated within your Smart Connector.