April Webinar 2023 - Making the Most of Exhibitions and Trade Fairs in EventsAir

A big thank you to the folks at BTP Conference Centre for allowing us to come in and film the webinar intro. If you're in Australia, check them out! 

We'd also like to thank Event Tech Live Las Vegas 2023 and the team at the EventsAir booth for showing us around (via live stream) in this month's US webinar.


These questions have been collated from the 3 regional webinars. Some questions were asked by more than one person, so you may not see the exact same wording you used in your question. Also we can only answer in general terms, so bear in mind your specific situation may need a different solution. 

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Lead management

How can I allow other people (not just the main contact for the exhibition stand) to manage leads? What if the main contact isn’t attending?

Can there be lead management without any questions?

Portal Design

If you have multiple forms - interactive sites (more than 3) for exhibitors to fill out, how do you show them on the Exhibitor Portal?

On the exhibition portal, if people choose “space only” or “standard” and select the wrong kind it won’t invoice – is there a way to stop this?

Under sponsorship packages, the cost is displayed with brackets and no spaces (for example, 50 000 is shown as 50000). Can we change this and add a currency symbol? (Same question for sponsorship and exhibition portals)

Resources for Exhibitors

Have you got a standard video to help exhibitors with the app and lead management?


If sponsors are also exhibitors, do you use both the exhibitor and sponsorship portals? Are you going to merge these?

If you have both sponsorship and exhibition items for one contact, how do you split the charges?


Can you link a company website to an exhibitor’s profile (in the Attendee App)?

Contact record

Does the non-attending main contact's name appear in the Attendee App as an exhibitor?

If an exhibitor main contact also has complimentary registration, they have 2 profiles – can we merge them?

When an exhibitor completes a registration in the exhibition portal does it create an attendee record?

Can you 'move' an expo booking from one contact to another (with logo/profile, etc)?

Floor Plan

Can you upload a floor plan design and overlay the booths into the correct positions?

Is there a way to hide exhibitor names on the floor plan?

Can you offer some Floor Plan design tips (sizing, font – so that stand names don’t auto resize – fit to page, add branding to exhibitor list, import a plan, icons for coffee/exit etc, text, borders, branding?)

Bulk invoice

Can you do a bulk invoice to all exhibitors as you would for other items on attendee records?


On the checklist, can you add deadlines on the backend for exhibitors to upload their information (logo, company description, etc.)?

Log In

If you have forgotten your password, there is no option to reset your password?

When creating an account, exhibitors still get the ‘create account’ instructions at the 2nd step - can this be changed?