Accounting Preferences

Accounting Preferences is where you will configure the EventsAir accounting and budgeting system to best fit your business requirements.

Details Tab

The Details Tab gives you many options, including:

  • In Budget Amount - Include Tax or Exclude Tax in the Actual column on the Budget screen.
  • Optional Tabs:
    • Miscellaneous Invoicing - enable or disable Miscellaneous Invoicing.
  • Optional Features:
    • Supplier Invoice Management - this enables the recording of expenses in the Accounting Panel.
    • Allow Expense Accruals - this enables accrual accounting in the Accounting Panel.
    • Expense Approval - selecting this enables an approval checkbox in the Expense Management option in Accounting.
    • Job Codes - enable use of Job Codes. Job codes are used to create sub-categories of expenses, which are useful in many circumstances:
      • A Venue cost category which can be assigned to different classes in the CE module. (Larger rooms incur higher costs.)
      • A Catering cost category which can be sub-divided into different parts of a conference, such as Pre-Conference Workshop, Conference, or Post-Conference Workshop.
    • Manual Journal - this option enables manual journal entries, a useful tool for correcting expense entries assigned to incorrect categories.
    • Export Data - this option will prepare spreadsheet exports in formats accepted by many accounting systems. You can further specify:
      • Export To - the format of the file you want created.
      • Exclude Supplier Payment Journals
  • Miscellaneous Charges Default Taxes - this is where you can define which taxes will be applied by default to Miscellaneous items.

Master Accounts

Here you will tell EventsAir which account codes/numbers your company uses for:

  • Debtor Account
  • Creditor Account
  • Bank Account (you can set up multiple of these by pressing the plus sign)
  • Accrued Creditors Account
  • Default Tax Collected Account (you can set up multiple of these by pressing the plus sign)
  • Default Tax Paid Account (you can set up multiple of these by pressing the plus sign)
  • Retained Profit Account
  • Currency Variation Account