EventsAir Pay User Guides & How-to Information

EventsAir Pay - powered by Airwallex makes it easy to set up and streamline accepting payments from all around the world. 

When you're ready to create your account, the information below will help. 

You can also search the Airwallex help pages, or read the EventsAir Pay FAQs.

Please submit a support ticket if we can assist with anything and welcome to EventsAir Pay!

Getting set up

In order to comply with laws about money transfer and security, you and your company need to supply certain documents to establish your organization’s bona fides and your identity before setting up your EventsAir Pay account. This is called going through a KYB (Know Your Business) and KYC (Know Your Customer) Process. As part of your online onboarding with Airwallex and EventsAir Pay, you’ll be asked to provide different documents depending on the regulations in your region (the country where your company or organization is officially registered). You'll find more information at the links below.

Your Global Account and Wallet

Your Global Account and Wallet make managing and moving funds easy. Find out more at the links below.



Refunds in your Airwallex account

EventsAir Pay Borderless Cards

A borderless (virtual card) is a cardholder name, card number, card expiry date and card verification value (CVV) which can be used online just as any other VISA card. These virtual cards can be a Company or Employee card. You don’t have to add funds directly to your cards, as they're funded directly through your Wallet Balance. [If a card payment is getting declined due to insufficient funds, you may have to top up your Wallet in order to sufficiently fund your card(s).]

To create a Card, select 'Cards' on the left-hand side of your dashboard, then 'Create your first virtual card'. You can create as many cards as you need.

Direct billing in many different currencies is supported, and payments in these currencies will be pulled directly from your corresponding Wallet balance if available. 

NOTE: If you have auto-conversions turned on, then funds will be pulled from your Home Currency if you don't have the required balance in the direct billing currency in question.