The EventsAir Panels

Along the bottom of every screen in EventsAir is the Navigation Bar. This is how you quickly access all elements of your event.

The following panels can be accessed from the Navigation Bar:

Your Event Dashboard

Your Event Dashboard is your event's "information central" to keep on top of the key metrics and activity for your event. There are snapshots, small windows and "widgets," and each of these user-friendly data points has icons to represent key categories of information. You can customize your Dashboard according to each event by adding or removing widgets.

Read more about the Event Dashboard.

Setup panel (create event settings and modules)

The Setup Panel is the last panel in the menu, so you can return to it easily, but it's usually the first panel you go to when you're creating a new event. You'll set up your event's overall look and feel, but also create the necessary groundwork for each module: Registrations, Accommodation, Presentations, Travel, and more. Each module is intuitive and easy to configure, and helps you ensure everything's been put into place for the following steps.

Click here to learn more about how to use the Setup Panel to define important features and preferences for your event.

Agenda panel (build & manage your agenda)

This is where you can build a detailed Agenda with general sessions, break-out sessions, functions, activities and general information. Once you finish creating the Agenda, you can publish it in numerous places, including the event's website and the Attendee Mobile App. When you make changes to the Agenda, they update instantly in the published locations.

The drag and drop interface provides for an efficient and straightforward way to design your agenda elements, including detailed management of sessions and presentations.

Click here for more information on building and publishing your event Agenda.

Attendee panel (see & update contact records)

This is where you can see, update, report and manage all aspects of your attendees' participation in your meeting or event. 

  • Collect standard contact information such as the name, address, email and telephone number(s) of attendees, plus create as many custom fields as you need, and store a photo. 
  • Store unlimited notes about each attendee: telephone conversations, travel preferences, dietary requirements, special requests, and more. You can also assign an unlimited number of marketing tags to each attendee's record. The tags allow you to target specific groups for marketing campaigns, surveys and communications, including text messages during the event.
  • Create an unlimited number of Registrations and the fees associated with each. Capture spouse or partner information and include the specific registration types on various online forms.
  • You can also manage all of the optional activities that attendees can choose to participate in. These may include dinners, tours, social activities, golf outings and spa treatments. The system has no limits on what it can manage, and can handle waiting lists, table allocation, seating plans, dietary requirements, invitations and more.
  • If your events have housing and accommodation requirements, you can manage hotel and room booking requirements for all attendees. EventsAir keeps track of how many rooms are left, and generate useful reports to see attendee arrivals and departures. A portal allows the hotel to log in and access the booking information. You can also enable the secure credit card vault to store an attendee's credit card information until the hotel is ready to access it and charge the card. (EventsAir securely stores credit card information, and hotel charges the cards.)
  • Manage a variety of travel aspects, including tracking inbound and outbound flights, handling airport transfers and providing detailed itineraries with multiple flights. Fully independent traveller (FIT) and group travel are both easily catered for including seat blocks with airlines.

Click here to learn more about managing your attendees.

Reporting panel (see and analyze data)

The Reporting panel gives you a powerful interface to view and report data from virtually every aspect of the EventsAir system. There are many dozens of pre-built reports for every module in the system, and you can create new reports from scratch or copy and modify existing report formats.

Multiple filtering options let you select any sub-group or segment of contact records in the system,  giving you even more power and capabilities.

All reports can be exported in a variety of formats.

Click here to learn more about EventsAir reporting capabilities.

Communications panel (message, survey & engage)

Communicate with everyone involved in the event - attendees, exhibitors, speakers, vendors and personnel - through a sophisticated and robust communication platform. The EventsAir tools allow you to send targeted communications before, during and after the event. One of these is Merge Docs, which can merge any information into an attractive, personalized document for anyone in the database. Another communication feature allows you to target a specific group of attendees to receive a personalized document, email or text message. This can be helpful during the lead-up to the event, during it, or afterwards to thank attendees and collect feedback.

The Communications panel also allows you to schedule communications for selected groups at specific times. For example, you can welcome attendees on their first day, or set up a payment reminder for exhibitors who have not sent in their final payment by a specified date. In addition to sending information, the tool keeps a complete log of everything communicated.

Create and deploy an unlimited number of surveys. Craft as many questions as you need using multiple choice (select one or select many), yes or no, multi-point scales, check box, rank order and open-end query types. 

Click here to learn more about the EventsAir Communications panel.

Alerts panel (stay on top of issues)

Stay up-to-date in real time through four types of alerts:

  • Event Alerts
    These are alerts that you, the meeting organizer, create as you require. For example, you can program EventsAir to alert you when a speaker or VIP registers on the site. Alerts are designed to keep you up-to-date in real time and are a great way for meeting organizers to stay aware of all registration levels and activity.
  • Project Alerts
    Project alerts are generated within 24 hours prior to Task start date and 24 hours prior to a Task end date. These alerts can optionally be emailed to specific Team Members assigned to the task.
  • Inventory Alerts
    These alerts are generated automatically by EventsAir for any item in EventsAir that can be assigned an inventory. Whether or not you define an inventory (or leave it as unlimited) each of these items are displayed with their current numbers.
  • Accommodation Alerts
    Accommodation Alerts are inventory specific, and provide a detailed Accommodation Matrix so you are able to stay on top of all room and hotel inventory levels.

Click here to learn more about EventsAir Alerts.

Accounting panel (your financial center)

The Accounting panel lets you manage all facets of your event's financials through our powerful Accounting platform. This tool includes a Budget feature, which allows you to create and store multiple budgets and revisions. As part of this, you can calculate different scenarios, such as how changing the number of attendees, or the amount of registration fees, could impact profits. You can also monitor and compare the actual financials to the established budget in real time and generate reports.

The Accounting system also manages payments, including tracking how payments were made (cash, credit card, check or wire transfer), applying payments properly (e.g., whether a check was intended to pay for the hotel or an optional dinner) and handling payments for extended stays and partner buy-ins on incentive trips. The tool handles multiple currencies, tracks supplier expenses, and generates profit and loss data, which can be exported to your accounting system.

Finally, the EventsAir Accounting tool offers a complete audit trail of all financial transactions that will satisfy any post-event audit requirements.

Click here to learn more about the Accounting function in EventsAir.

Project panel (manage event tasks)

Map out your master plan with this powerful Project Manager. Completely integrated throughout EventsAir, the tool lists tasks, dates, deadlines and keeps track of how the event is progressing.

Click here to learn more about the Project Management feature of EventsAir.

Run Sheet panel (manage onsite tasks)

Manage all the micro-tasks needed to successfully deliver your event using our comprehensive Run Sheet tool. The tool lists the tasks allocated to team members, and shows exactly what needs to be done, where and when. As tasks get completed, they get checked off and the Run Sheet updates instantly. The Run Sheet appears in your Organizer Mobile App (which you can access on any computer or mobile device), so you can monitor exactly what has or hasn't been done, in real time.

Click here to learn more about the Run Sheet feature of EventsAir.

Online panel (create websites, apps & portals)

Increase productivity and convenience through a sophisticated variety of tools accessed via the Online panel. 

Build your event website using beautiful templates to promote and showcase your event.

Use Interactive Registration Sites to capture rich data, including contact information, accommodation, payments, and registrations; all done using real-time inventory data. Interactive Registration Sites are supported by all current browsers and optimized for all desktop and mobile devices, making it easy for attendees to register. Secure online credit card payments can be made using payment gateways. You can also use Form Logic, which automatically bypasses collecting specific information according to the parameters you set up. For example, if an attendee registers for the first day only, you can automatically have them skip questions regarding activities on subsequent days. Interactive Registration Sites are easy to set up, and you can host the sites on one of our predefined URLs or use your own URL. The form allows you to collect unlimited information and add notes, and you can customize it according to an organization's brand.

Two extremely useful tools within the Online platform are the Mobile Attendee App and the Mobile Organizer App. The Mobile Attendee App allows you to communicate directly with all attendees, or with selected attendees. You can build this app in less than five minutes, and some functions do not require the internet, so attendees aren't hampered by slow connection speeds. When attendees load the app, they receive all of the information they need, such as their daily schedules and session data. They can also search for attendees and message one another. You can even load in local information for them, such as restaurants and points of interest.

The Mobile Organizer App demonstrates our commitment to event organizers. This powerful app puts aspects of EventsAir onto any mobile device, so you can manage the event onsite wherever you go. It streamlines EventsAir down to the features you need most during the event, and eliminates everything else. You can get access to the agenda, perform session and function check-ins, monitor your Twitter feed, view live streaming sessions, search for attendees, send out alerts, communicate with your staff, access Run Sheets, run reports and more.

Other Apps & Portals can be created in the Online panel to meet your event's specific and unique needs.

Click here to learn more about the Online Tools found in EventsAir.

Express Actions panel (efficiency tools)

Use a number of tools to rapidly interact with attendees, from one person to thousands. You can import data, export data, and make changes to selected groups of data. For example, you can quickly assign dinner seating for a group, or reschedule a golf outing if it's raining. Express Actions offers a remarkable way to save time by making a large number of changes in a matter of seconds.

Click here to learn more about the Express Actions panel.