What's possible in EventsAir?

Welcome to your new event management solution - EventsAir! You're now working with one of the most innovative and powerful event management tools the industry has ever experienced.

This site will help you discover the platform's many features and capabilities . You can return here at any time by clicking on the question mark icon in the top right corner of your EventsAir screen and selecting 'Help'.

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Explore further using the menu on the left-hand side of this help system, and the search bar.

What can you do in EventsAir?

 EventsAir is used to manage all aspects of your meetings and events, including:

  • Online Registration - our mobile-optimized registration captures unlimited, quality data. It provides real-time information, form logic to allow you to tailor the registration experience, customized branding, and more.
  • Mobile Apps - two mobile apps for phones, tablets and similar devices - the Attendee App and Organizer App - provide event attendees and personnel with powerful capabilities, including interacting with others. 
  •  Reporting - organizers can easily design reports, create layouts, filter hundreds of pieces of data, make reports available to stakeholders and export data into spreadsheets.
  • Flexible deployment - during an event, organizers can move data from the cloud to a local presence to ensure rapid and reliable access. They can also continue syncing data with the cloud.
  • Data security - designed for high security and modern data center architecture, EventsAir has three layers of isolation for data. It is closely integrated with Microsoft Azure to leverage their secure and robust environment.
  • Productivity - our tools significantly enhance productivity, to help reduce workload and labor costs. The core components make it easy to multitask within events and across events.
  • Analysis - a powerful, agile data backend increases the quantity and quality of data captured on attendees. Get a clearer, more intelligent picture of who's at your event…and what they want.

Tools to help you:

Interconnectivity & Multi-tasking

  • Using the EventsAir panel and navigation layout, you can keep multiple parts of the system open at the same time, easily moving back and forth as your workflow requires.
  • Different elements of EventsAir are connected to each other in very logical and useful ways. For example, meals or functions can be set up in both the Function Module and in the Presentations Module; if you create a new Presentation in the Presentations module, your session is available in the Agenda setup, Project Manager and Run Sheets.
  • To help you map out your master plan, use the powerful Project Manager. Completely integrated throughout EventsAir, this tool lists tasks, dates, deadlines and keeps track of how the event is progressing.

Pinning Records

Need to have quick access to a few records? Not only does EventsAir keep track of your recent activity, but you can click on the contact record pinning option to have your selected records "pinned" to the left side of your screen, ready for easy access when you return.  

Action Buttons

While working in Attendee records, you have quick access to Attendee Action Buttons for easier management of frequent tasks (searching, financials, communications, group linking, and more).

Less work, more productivity

Spend less time setting up your events with reusable elements such as:

  • Brand Editor - this is where you define different "brands" that include logos, fonts, colors and more. You can take a new event and give it a totally different look and feel with just a single click of the mouse!
  • Cloning - this powerful ability lets you copy an element from another event, or within your current event (depending on the item). Just look for the Clone From option when creating new items. Cloneable items include:
    • Entire event setup - copy everything except Attendee records and Financial data.
    • Any individual Tag/Code from any module - just look for the Clone From button when creating new Tags!
    • Brands
    • Custom Reports
    • Merge Docs
    • Surveys 
      ...and more!
  • Travel Ports & Carriers library and Currency Library - set these up once, for use in any event.
  • Language localization - lets you create sites, apps and portals in other languages.

Analytics and Data

  • Your event dashboard offers various ways to track and measure the performance of your event, with various widgets offering different snapshots of data.
  • The Accounting Panel gives you a financial recap on the opening screen, letting you know how your budget, revenue and projections are looking!
  • And you can easily create customized reports and data exports for instant access to key information.  


Stay up-to-date in real time by creating alerts: for example, when accommodation runs low, tickets get sold out, or a wait list starts, when a pre-planned communication is sent, or when a speaker or VIP registers or checks in. Alerts can be sent to organizers by email or text, and viewed in the Mobile Organizer App. Alert indicators for High and Critical Alerts will appear on the Navigation Bar and on Events listed in the Event Selection screen.

24x7 Global Support 

For more than 30 years, the team at EventsAir have supported the events industry 24/7. We know your meetings don't always happen Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm! If you get stuck and need a little help, contact us through out Support Portal. As an additional service, we can also train new staff, configure events, build websites, and more, and can act as an extension of your team.