Different EventsAir Modes

EventsAir Mode

Your normal EventsAir environment, where you manage your live events, is also known as "EventsAir Mode".

Sandbox and Certification Modes

You can use the Sandbox and/or Certification modes as part of your education, certification and testing activities. 

To access Sandbox or Certification Mode

In the Event Selection Screen, look for the small drop down arrow to the right of the EventsAir Logo (top left corner of the screen).

Clicking the down arrow gives you three options:

  • EventsAir
  • Sandbox Mode
  • Certification Mode

Use Sandbox Mode to test new functionality, build practice events and explore options without impacting your normal event operations or registration inventories. Sandbox Mode is also used to build events in the EventsAir Fast Track Education Program. In Sandbox Mode,  all labels are Gold and all events are indicated with the label "Sandbox Mode".

Certification Mode is only used during the Fast Track Education program, as part of your exam. The heading and labels will be in red.